Advertising with Video

Advertising with Video

Advertising with Video – Video advertising is taking the online business game to next levels. Advertising with video is taking the business go on the next levels. It is proved in the digital advertising research that the ads with videos do better than the ads with pictures. This happens because users seem to connect better with the videos over the pictures.

The rich media involved in the videos are working are greater content from the user perspective these days. The videos are put more into consideration these days because consumers of the internet are switching to the video content for everything. Hence, the advertising with video comes handy and works great for the engagement. 

Advertising with Video
Advertising with Video

For the advertisers, it is always important to hold the grasp and change with the things happening around. Here are some of the topics to keep in mind while doing the advertising with video. 

Advertising with Video

#1 Cross Channel video leads to purchases

This means implying the videos across various social media channels through social networks, websites, mobile devices etc. This leads to having the brand more in the eyes of the users that turns to more purchases. 

#2 Display Video Advertising

It works amazing if targeted correctly. This works just like the banner ads on the websites but is a video. For example, a user searches for a recipe of noodles and when he lands on a particular website, he sees the video ad of a noodle brand. 

#3 In-Stream Video Advertising

These kinds of ads display content within a video player before, during or after a piece of video content. This is a great way to target niche audience segments already searching for video content. 

#4 Mobile Video Advertising

The advertisement with video works best with the mobiles as the use of mobile is insane. Studies say that the video advertising on mobile is highly skippable. 

#5 Social Video Advertising

One of the best platforms for the video advertising is social media. In this way, creating a video ad as per the demographic and the user needs become easy. 

Best Practices for Advertising with Video

  • Always go for quality production
  • Pay by view to keep the impressions or conversions higher
  • Cater video content to devices
  • Cater video content to audience’s interest
  • Always track the online conversions
  • Tell the story with or without sound
  • Always have strong CTA at the end or beginning of the video
Advertising with Video
Advertising with Video


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