Advertising Format

Advertising Format

Advertising Format – With the advanced increase of technology and the increase of online shopping along with online sales of services, the advertising format is constantly changing. All the brands that are online are struggling to survive in the space of the internet with the use of the digital ads.

And these ads are constantly changing with the change in the formats. Through the more powerful mobile devices, driving a blast through the banner blindness, and through similar things, the interactive ads are finally coming up in the space. 

The interactive ads are also called as the engagement ads or the immersive ads. The companies are taking ads more seriously with a goal to not only limited till downloading the app or visiting the website. These digital ads prove that interactivity will only continue to gain traction. It hence proves that it is just not for the sake of creativity. 

The main goal of the interactive ads is to spend more valuable time with the consumers. The brands these days are more receptive to the interactive ads. In fact, the interactive ads are the future. Some of the ways of using the interactive ads are by using the 360 degree video, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). 

Advertising Format
Advertising Format

#1 360 Degree Video Filling in for VR

Simply as the name says, the ad focuses on the 360 degrees area. In this ad format, you can show the entire thing in panoramic or 360 degree format. For example, if there is an ad for a hotel room, this advertising format can be used to show the entire room in parts so that the viewers can have a virtual tour of the room. This is more interactive that just random pictures of the room shown. 

#2 Augmented Reality

Using the videos and the rich media formats are proving more advantageous for brands these days. Using filters, interactive 3D Objects, portals, etc are used to create some ads so that it leads to more reach. 

#3 App Install Ads 

There must be chances that you are using some apps and some ads of other apps keep popping throughout to download. These are the In-App ads and want users to download that app while you are using another app. 


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