Advertising Example

Advertising Example

Advertising Example – No matter on what medium the Ads are created, the Ads have to be catchy, filled with curiosity, and interesting. Something that is not attractive along with informative at the same time, would not catch the attention of the viewers which is the key point of creating advertisements in the first place.

A lot of hacks and intelligent tactics have been applied by the best advertisers to create some of the best advertisements in history. Here we are talking about some ads and from each of them one unique advertising example can be taken out to learn some effective advertising technique. 

Advertising Example
Advertising Example

#1 The Advertising Example of Milwaukee Rivers, Banksy Style

Using the Graffiti art to create ads for brands is not legal in the buildings because it destroys the aesthetic and this is not the best way to display the ads out there. But, the Milwaukee riverkeeper organisation designed a clever advertisement that incorporates waterway spouts as art elements. This is showing the use of surrounding for creating ads. 

#2 Open Wide Old Timer Advertising Example

Old Timer is an Austrian chain of motorway rest stops. This creative and helpful ad created by them is one of the best ads to take an advertising example from. The ad has a giant picture of a woman with mouth wide open saying ‘All you can eat, Rest Stop’ which could be terrifying at the first look but at the later look, it seems so helpful for the work that it stands for. This advertising example shows how to use the surroundings for a particular ad. 

#3 Advertising Example of the FedEx Trucks

One thing that is symbolic of the brand FedEx are the trucks they use. They use the big white trucks and they symbolise their brand quite effortlessly which in itself is a great marketing. Letting something be fixed in the minds of the users is always the best thing and if a brand succeeds in that, they have already done it.

This time, they created an excellent ad with the trucks by being creative. Their ‘Always First’ truck ads are totally out there. 


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