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Advertisement Google – There isn’t one answer for this question because the ads on Google vary upon users and their businesses and their preference. The money to spend on the Google ads really depends. The factors on which the amount on the Google Ads or the Google AdWords depends will be explained here below.

These factors would also help one to understand the concept of Google Ads and set a realistic budget depending upon that for the ad campaigns. 

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#1 Auction

Google Ads depend on Auction where the businesses having high quality ad campaigns wit better ad placement and lower costs are preferred. When the user enters a keyword in the search query and Google finds that if some of the keyword have advertisers bid on them then the auction begins. The auction determines the ad rank where the ad will be positioned. 

#2 Budget 

Using some of the tactics like geo targeting, ad scheduling, and device targeting one can determine tight control over the Google ads budget can be spent. 

#3 Average CPC

The average Cost per Click (CPC) in Google Ads is somewhere in between $1 to $2 in the search networks. The average CPC is under $1 in the Display Networks. 

#4 Most Expensive Keywords

It is very important to keep in consideration the amount of the most expensive keyword which is over $50 or more per click on Google ads. These are obviously the highly competitive keywords. 

#5 Choose the Right Keyword

There are a lot of ways to find out the right keywords for your query and one of the ways is the Google drop down search method. It is easy and extremely convenient to find the long tail keywords through long tail searches. 

#6 Average PPC

The average Pay Per Click that every business spends depends on various factors and one of the major factors is the size of the business. The small business and large business have a vast difference in their PPC for campaigns. 

#7 Spending of the Google Ads Budget

PPC budgeting basics is very important to keep in mind otherwise the estimated PPC budget crosses the anticipated one quite quickly. Dayparting, geo targeting, device targeting are some of the ways to handle it. 

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Hope in this article “Advertisement Google” every thing is clear if you have any question then contact us right now.


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