Advertisement Examples

Advertisement Examples

Advertisement Examples – There is one thing keenly important in an advertisement be it in the digital world or the traditional world and that is ‘creativity’.

One needs to be extremely creative while creative an advertisement so that it not only catches the viewer’s attention but also induces them enough to go in depth to know about why advertising has been done. Here are some of the crazy and informative advertisement examples that are popular to make heads turn. 

Advertisement Examples
Advertisement Examples

Advertisement Examples

#1 Jobsin Town’s Perfectly Placed Poster

This is such an intelligent ad. is a German online recruitment site and they have a collection of amazingly smart advertisements. This particular ad here is about a woman washing her clothes and being terrible while doing it just at the corner of a washing machine would induce anyone to buy the machine. 

#2 McDonald’s Seed bombing

Designed by Sean Click, is one of the greatest advertisement examples to brighten up the dirty freeway shoulders with coloured logos. The flowers used for making the logo is Californian poppies that are illegal to pluck and hence the logo wouldn’t be destroyed which is a smart move. 

#3 The Reverse Graffiti of Dominos

Another smart advertisement example is set by Dominos by their reverse Graffiti technique. They used detergent and water over a carefully placed stencil that resulted in a contrast between the dirty streets and clean stencilled spots. It was so original and also eco friendly to gain attention and do the needful. 

#4 Smart Move by the Axe

Axe, the deodorant company knows how to make use of existing signs to create a dapper and relevant advertisement suiting its ethics. It added 4 scent driven women in the line of the man who is running for the toilet which is the very common man’s toilet sign. Isn’t it the most suitably creative advertisement examples ever?

Advertisement Examples
Advertisement Examples

#5 Open Wide for the Old Timers

One of the unique advertisements to show how safety can be taken care of! Old Timer, an Australian Chain of motorway rest stops is a great way to use the surroundings for the ads to create an impact around. 


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