How to use Google Assistant

How to use Google Assistant

In the world where inbuilt Google Assistant like Siri is introduced for iPhones. We think that one cannot afford such an expensive phone but what if at least we could afford a similar assistance tool for Android also!

How to use Google Assistant

Here comes the Google launching the famous Google Assistant Update in their new Pixel Phones. Google pixel phones don’t have to install Google Assistant. It is inbuilt as an operating system part. How to use Google Assistant.

Hence with Google Assistant mobile phones are becoming very handy to use. But what about regular users of Android Phone! Do they have to buy pixel phones to use Google Assistant?

How to use Google Assistant
How to use Google Assistant

Is there any Google Assistant for Android also?

You should not get burdened yourself with such kind of questions. We are here to help you about the recent Google Assistant update.

Yes, Google Assistant update is also available for the android phone. There are a few steps one should follow to get Google Assistant for android.

Google Assistant commands

  • Your android should be having  6.0/7.0 version
  • Your phone should have a memory of 1.5 GB of memory or higher
  • The screen resolution should be 720 p or higher
  • The update is available for phone set used to English in USA, Germany and Uk. Although Google is planning to extend google assistance for other countries also.

How to install Google Assistant ?

Google Assistant update is not available in Google play store. Like Siri is the operating part of iPhone similarly Google Assistant for android will be there in the operating system itself.

How to use Google Assistant
How to use Google Assistant

Is google Assistant for PC is also available?

Google is implementing changes in the algorithm of the Google Assistant commands to make it suitable for PCs also.

Once there will be successful Google Assistant beta testing then it will easy for you to update in your PC’s / Mac.


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