Google Update Algorithm

Google Update Algorithm

Google Update Algorithm – Google update algorithm on Valentine’s day was one of the most popular and viral algorithm updates of its time. The year when Google update algorithm on Valentine’s day was introduced, that entire year changes have been rolling out that was focused to improve the ability of Google to understand a search query as well as the content on the web page.

The use of these algorithms were to focus on identifying the best pages to solve the user’s problem. The focus of this algorithm update was on the relevance and not on the quality. 

It was assumed by the SEO strategies that Google was targeting various niches like the ill named Medic update that Google did not confirm as it was targeting the medical sites and a host of quality factors like the thin content, poor links, and so on.

Google Update Algorithm

Google Update Algorithm
Google Update Algorithm

Google has finally revealed that targeting the negative signals of low quality is nothing as close to what they are targeting. During the time of the evolution of this particular update, it was reasonable to suspect that Google is making updates designed to the relevant search results. This was done to please the Google users. 

The black hat community and the SEO experts have shown that this update can last several weeks and it rolls out through the data center. The website owners waited for the update to see for around 10 to 15 days and then check anything on your page.

It is always advised to check for 10 to 15 days when any Google update algorithm is launched. And then the changes on the website should be followed post 10 to 15 days. The changing of the things on a web page when a Google update happens then that can lead to unreliable conclusions. It is very hard to know whether there is instability on the site or not. 

Broccoli – February 11, 2019

Page title seems to have become very important. 

Broccoli – Feb 12, 2019

Looks like the serps reverted me to the wrong page again.

Jmorgan – Feb 12, 2019

My traffic looks pretty good today. 

Google Update Algorithm
Google Update Algorithm


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