Google Search Engine Apps

Google Search Engine Apps

Google Search Engine Apps – Among the various search engines like yahoo, Bing, duckduckgo etc. Google search engine  is one of the top most search engine for android, iOS and other users. It is a kind of Platform as a service i.e.

This search engine helps to create environments for other application to run. It provides web developers and enterprises with google salable hosting and give them all the required features.

It provide Tier 1 internet service i.e. the place from where the internet initially starts, rather acts as a source of internet provider for whole world. We uses tier 3 which is provided by the source i.e. tier 1.

Google search engine supports only applications which uses java, python, php and go. No other language application is supported by it. Its applications stores data inn google big data i.e. where google’s software and hardware are put together, we see the google page that is user interface but the backend thing is created and processed in that big data only, while it can also be pronounced as bigdata center.

Google Search Engine Apps

It uses its own language i.e. GQL (google query language) which is different from SQL but if someone knows all the syntax of SQL then he can easily learn this GQL.

All those application which are non compatible with google search engine need to be compatible then only it will run in google app. It has  also removed most of the system administration for development. eq, if one have developed any application then he just need to create and upload without asking anything to google administration.

Google Search Engine Apps In this search engine, some limited resources of google app engine are free of cost but if we need more advance resources then there are policy of pay/day or pay/min.

Why to use google search engine??

It is Stable and extendable platform, that is we don’t have to worry for its maintenance after uploading application and if we want to add more services that can also be done in google search engine.

It supports large no. of product like Gmail, google plus etc. and all applications which are  provided by google. It gives us a permission to use our applications at google data centers Google Search Engine Apps.

Google Search Engine Apps – The language which it uses are java, php and other which are very simple hence  it can be easy to learn and to build software’s, and can be easily build by it.

If we wants to use Google search engine then we must have a Google account, while if we didn’t have account the we can access it by the help of SDK of google app engine.In its easy to storage increase with time.

Google Search Engine Apps

The very big advantage is that user don’t need to worry regarding maintenance and administration services of the app, user just has to focus on how he can make its application better, also this helps a lot in marketing its applications.

Google Search Engine Apps – All of these search engine works as different from others. It works with their own algorithm and it is not necessary that the search result of all search engines are same. All of the search engine may provides different search result for a same query but those are the best results according to their algorithm.  

It allows you to easily find anything according to your interest and it will provide all of them in less time time. It has an amazing feature as voice to text which allows you to easily search anything by your voice. You have to say OK google and then ask a question or give a command.

You will be also get live sport score, movie time, images, videos  and others on your device on less time.Google also have provided various apps for window 10 like Voice search, Gmail, google plus, all google services under an single platform

What makes it different from the other search engines:

On Compared to other internet  hosting services such as Amazon EC2, this App Engine provides more infrastructure to make it easy to write applications, but can only run a limited range of applications designed for that infrastructure particularly.

Google Search Engine Apps
Google Search Engine Apps

Google Search Engine Apps – App Engine’s infrastructure removes many of the system administration and development challenges of building applications to scale to hundreds of requests per second and beyond. Google handles deploying code to a cluster, monitoring, failover, and launching application instances as necessary.

Google Search Engine Apps

While the other services requires to install and do a lot more configuration to use , this dis so easy to use and install. This search engine classifies Per-day and per-minute quotas restrict bandwidth and CPU use, number of requests served, number of concurrent requests, and calls to the various APIs, and individual requests are terminated if they take more than 60 seconds or return more than 32MB of data.

What user can do with the Google Apps Device Policy app

When you open the device policy app on your device, it opens on the Status screen. To view the Policies or Messages screen, swipe from the left to select the screen that you want to view. You can use the device policy app to:

  1. Manage your device: You can access the My Devices page to ring, lock, and locate your device as well as reset your screen-lock PIN. You can also remotely wipe your device if your administrator has enabled remote wipe for users.
    Note: Your location information is not shared with your administrator.
  2. Sync your device: On the Status screen, you can see when your device last successfully synced with the server. To manually sync your device to ensure that you have the most up-to-date policies, you touch Sync Now.
  3. View security policies and network settings: On the Policies screen, you can view the security policies that your administrator set on your device. If your device doesn’t comply with any of the set policies, you need to take action to resolve them. You can view the list of details about your device that are shared with your administrator, such as device policy app version, device OS version, device model, your email address, and so on. You can also view the Wi-Fi networks that your administrator configured and server certificates.
  4. Get multiple-account support: If you set up the device policy app with multiple G Suite accounts with different policies, the most restrictive policy will be enforced on your device. For example, if one domain requires the device PIN to be 4 characters long and another requires it to be 6 characters long, the device enforces the 6-character length. For more information, G Suite administrators can see Manage Android devices.
  5. Create a work profile: If your organization is enrolled in Android for Work, you can set up a work profile if you have an Android 5.0+ device that supports managed profiles. Android for Work lets you easily switch between work and personal apps on your device.

You can also Sync your Google services to your phone, tablet, and desktop programs so that you can always access what’s important to you Google Search Engine Apps.

Google Search Engine Apps
Google Search Engine Apps


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