Google Search Algorithm Update

Google Search Algorithm Update

Google Search Algorithm Update – There are a lot of changes that Google brings everyday and when it comes to the Google ranking algorithms, the changes are introduced almost everyday. Some of the changes are simple tiny tweaks here and there and some of them are major changes that shake up even the SERPs.

There have been tonnes of changes that have happened and penalties that have been faced by Google. Here we are talking about some of the major changes in the Google search algorithm. 

Google Search Algorithm Update

Google Search Algorithm
Google Search Algorithm Update
  1. Panda update

Launch date – 24th February, 2011

Panda update of Google is one of the major updates that got every popular. This assigns the quality score to the web pages. The use of the quality score is to see the rankings of the page. It was incorporated in the Google’s core algorithm later on because it was important. 

  1. Penguin 

Launch Date – 24th April, 2012

The main objective of Google’s update is to down rank the sites whose links deemed to be manipulative. The spammy or irrelevant links were a hazard for this one. 

  1. Hummingbird

Launch Date – 22nd August, 2013

The use of the Hummingbird Google search algorithm was that it helped Google to better interpret search queries and provide the search results that match the searcher’s intent. This update showed that the keyword is still important but people could still find out the relevant information if the exact keywords are not there in the search’s query. 

  1. Pigeon

Launch Date – 24th July, 2014

The most important thing about the Google Pigeon update in which the location of the role does play a very important role. This update made it clear that the ties between the local algorithm and the core algorithm were created. 

  1. Mobile 

Launch Date – 21st April, 2015

The mobile update of Google was called as the Mobile geddon. This update ensures that mobile friendly pages rank at the top of the mobile pages. So, if you have a website that is mobile friendly then it would rank on the top of the mobile searches. If the pages are not filtered for the mobile version then it wouldn’t be shown there. 

Google Search Algorithm
Google Search Algorithm Update

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