Google Competitor

Google Competitor

Google Competitor – When we discuss Google, the  first thought that crosses our mind is search engine. But it is not complete truth apart from being search engine Google offers a variety of services like Gmail, Google Ads, Youtube and many more to count.

Google Competitor

Now, you will be thinking since Google has expanded itself in multiple fields, there will be less competition to Big giant service provider like Google. But that’s not true Google competitors are in every field wherever they have entered till now, being it social media or search Engine.

Let us go through all the categories of Google Competitor

Google vs Bing

When we hear Google vs Bing, we might be like are they actually a competitor of each other?

Yes, Google vs Bing Competitiveness actually exits because Bing is similar in many ways to Google. Bing is the search engine introduced by Microsoft.

Bing gives more precise search result in comparison to Google, which picks up a few words from your search text and starts showing multiple options corresponding to your search.

Apple vs Google

Apple vs Google are Competitors? Like Really?

Are they even related in terms of services and product they have introduced?

Yes, Apple vs Google exits. Although it’s not a current competitor to Google directly it is affecting the revenue modes of google.

If we discuss in terms of mobile phone users, everyone agrees that android phones make a major share of it.

Google Competitor
Google Competitor

But the constant innovation that Apple is introducing with the launch of every new iPhone makes it to the list of Google competitors.

Apple has introduced a new algorithm in iOS 9 which automatically Blocks the ad shown by Google on Youtube and various other platforms. Hence it is affecting the Click per cost by decreasing the traffic on the ads website.

Google is trying to deal with such kind of innovation which is constantly updated by Apple in their iPhones.

Facebook Vs Google

Facebook is a social media platform whereas Google is mostly considered as a search engine by many of us. Then how could Facebook be Google Competitor?

Just like Apple, Facebook is not the direct google competitor but indirectly it is affecting the ad market share of Google.

Google Competitor
Google Competitor

Through various research, we have found that Facebooks provides more traffic to online websites as compared to Google.

Along with Ads Facebook has Whats app Messenger and Instagram which has become an integrated part of our life.

So, if go through the list of Google competitors it includes Apple, Facebook, Bing, Messenger, Yahoo etc.

Therefore, Google needs to change the algorithm for its search engine. Along with this Google needs to focus on the innovation aspect of its product and services to sustain its market share because Google Competitors are constantly working in providing better services in comparison to Google.


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