Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Updates – Google and its algorithmic updates are common with everyone. You don’t need to be a digital marketer to know about the algorithmic updates of Google. If you are a Google user then you must be knowing about it.

In any case you didn’t know about it you must be really living under the rocks. There is a long history behind the Google algorithm updates. Along with the algorithm changes of Google, the search index changes and refreshes are also quite old and long. 

Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Updates
Google Algorithm Updates

Google keeps on updating its algorithm throughout almost daily. Where most of the updates are just random updates that do not affect anything.

Google Algorithm Updates – The Google users do not get affected at all by these changes. But, then again there are major changes that have been introduced by Google that affect the entire thing.

The major Google updates were the Google Panda update, Google Penguin update, Google Pigeon update, hummingbird update, Rankbrain, Possum, Brain, and Mobile. These were the top Google algorithm updates to follow and know about. They have created a vast change in the digital world. 

Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Updates
Google Algorithm Updates
  • Panda Update 

Launched on – February 24, 2011

The work of the Panda update was to assign the Quality score to the web pages. This score is used as the ranking factor. It was not a part of the major Google algorithm update but it was just a filter.

But in 2016, it was implemented to be the algorithm of Google. It is one of the core Google algorithm updates. It is the best because it checked the website for any kind of content duplication. It finds the keyword stuffing and the thin content. 

  1. Penguin Update 

Launched on – April 24, 2012

The websites that have manipulative links should be the websites that have down rank and this update helps with that. Unlike the Panda update, this works real time and much better. From 2016, it is a part of Google’s core update. 

  1. Hummingbird Update 

Launched on – August 22, 2013

The use of this update is to find better search information for the search queries of the users. It gives better results to the users through better search intent. Keywords are important for the Hummingbird update too but even if there are lesser keywords or if the exact keywords are not there, this update finds information related to that. Natural language processing is the way to do it. 

  1. Pigeon Update 

Launched on – July 24, 2014

The Pigeon update is all about the location of the users. The search results are affected by the Pigeon update based on the location. Pigeon update bought the local algorithm and the core algorithm closer to each other. It also uses the traditional SEO factors to rank the local results. It is all about the good tactics on page and off page SEO

  1. Mobile Update 

Launched on – April 21, 2015

Mobilegeddon was the name of the mobile update of Google. The use of the mobile update is to rank the mobile friendly pages on the top of the mobile searches. The web pages that are not optimised for mobiles, they are filtered out of the search engine result pages. They are also seriously down ranked a lot. 

  1. Rankbrain Update 

Launched on – October 26, 2015

The rank brain update of Google is a part of the Hummingbird update. The use of the rank brain update is to understand the meaning behind the queries.

It is a machine learning system that does the work for the search engine to understand the query that the user inputs. As per the understanding, it serves the best matching result for that query. The rank brain is the third most important ranking factor as per Google

  1. Possum 

Launched on – September 1, 2016

The use of this update was to ensure that the local results vary more depending upon the location of the user. Possum also gave a boost to businesses located outside the physical city area. This was an interesting feature of Possum anyhow. 

  1. Fred 

Launched on – March 8, 2017

This is the latest update of Google. There are some guidelines of the Google webmaster and any website that violates the guidelines of the Google webmaster are targeted by Fred. 


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