Examples of Search Engines

Examples of Search Engines

Examples of Search Engines – When we talk about search engines, the first name that pops up in everyone’s mind has to be Google. We eat, breathe, sleep Google.

Well, a lot of us don’t even know that there are a lot of search engines available out there and we have no idea about them. We have talked about some of the search engines earlier and here we give some more examples of search engines that are in use. 

Examples of Search Engines –

Examples of Search Engines
Examples of Search Engines

#1 Duck Duck Go

Google is known to collect the information of the users but DuckDuckGo doesn’t do this at any cost. It is the best for the privacy issues. All the personal information of the users are secured in this search engine. It is totally safe and a great alternative to Google. 

#2 CC Search

There are a lot of time when copyright free content is the need of the hour. This is the best place for the copyright content and is perfect for the blog post, for images, for music. You don’t have to copy anyone’s licensed work this way. This is one of the best examples of search engines of this kind. 

#3 Gibiru

This is a less heard search engine that is useful for the patriots. Their search results are sourced from the modified Google algorithm. But, still they are safe from Google because Google is not able to track any of the user’s activities. Google does not save any of the information here too. 

#4 Search Encrypt

This one is a private search engine. The method used to save the information in this search engine is by the encryption method. It ensures that the searches are private in this one too. Secure socket layer encryption and AE5 and 256 encryption are the methods to do this. 

#5 Yandex

Like Baidu is a search engine famous in China, Yandex is a search engine that is famous in Russia. Around 53% of the internet users use Yandex. This one also tops one of the best examples of search engines. It also has a lot of cool tools to use as well. 

Examples of Search Engines
Examples of Search Engines


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