Easter Eggs – SEO With Google

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs – Google you know is really very amazing thing. There are many things which are really not so much in popularity but are very creative and interesting. It changes many things as per the event or day or as per the festivals in the form of either new features and new options etc.

Like many of you have been seen the googles April fool days jokes, Christmas cakes etc. few of them might aware regarding the google Easter eggs. These are the thing behind it. The amount which google contain is really impressive and incomparable.

Easter Eggs

I am damn sure if you heard this word Easter Eggs and its work them you must be eager to know what it really is and what are the features ..everything about it. So we are here to give you as much information that really known among the collection of google easter eggs.

The list of most famous traditional hunt’s are:

  1. Flip a coin
  2. Fun facts
  3. Roll a die
  4. Once in a blue moon
  5. Loneliest number
  6. Do a barrel role
  7. Is google down?
  8. The funniest joke in the world
  9. What sound does a dog make?
  10. Google space

#Flip a coin

Just for the fun when people wants to try out there luck they  used to flip a coin and put situation across both possibility and try out what destiny wants, this also helps to choose anything among two situation etc. sometimes used to remove conflict between two peoples.

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs

# Fun facts

Sometimes we are just free and nothing running in our mind for what special work to do .. sometimes just for fun type fun facts. And find out what is the funny for google .. type fun facts you got something which you might have not even thought off while its very basic.

#Roll a die

Curious to rolling a die online , just dial roll a die for fun and enjoy your number. You can also uses this feature when you wanna play Ludo game or snake and ladder too.

# Once in a blue moon

This is very interesting kind of Easter egg which google has given us, on searching “once in a blue moon ” google ill takes us to a mathematical equation showing the frequency of happening of a full moon.

# Loneliest number

so how many of you think that you are feeling alone most of the time. Its quiet funny what google Easter egg  has been made by the name of loneliest number. According to google the loneliest number id 1. You can see below or either can search.

# Do a barrel roll

Had you ever been in the plane and feel the barrel roll like the pilot does by rotating 360 degree along the same attitude. That’s the barrel roll, google wants that you could feel this in webpage too hence on typing “do a barrel roll” in the search the web page rotates .

# Is google down?

Many of you are down by having booze or might something else and might be due to some other emotional touch. its common. Do you ever think that did google also down ??

# The funniest joke in the world

Have you ever thought what might be the funniest joke in this world?? We mostly searches what is most tallest building? Handsome boy etc.

# What sound does a dog make?

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs

Thinking of the dog barking sound comes in google…check out what actually it is..

Hhahahha its interesting psychology and in different languages too… check it.

# Google space

By this word we might think that google has made some storage space or it might goes to what is the google privacy?

The results are quiet interesting that google shows up the webpage which is viewed if there is no gravity.


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