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Certificate Google Adwords

Certificate Google Adwords – Google ad certification is an identification given to the Digital marketers by Google that they are professional and specialized people in online advertising business. The individuals have to pass two ads certification exams and he will get the personalized certificate from Google.

If the person has given the exam affiliated to the company then the certification will be contributed to the Company’s partner credentials. This program has tremendously evolved over the years and this certification has become the primary or a very important point by which the digital marketers are actually given recognition and job. If the digital marketer does not have this certificate then he seems not to be qualified for various high profile job roles. The certificate Google adwords is done from the academy of ads. 

Certificate Google Adwords
Certificate Google Adwords

Certificate Google Adwords

Initially, it was called as the Google adwords exam and then the Google ads and now the academy for ads. 

Here are the ways in which the digital marketers can get their certificate adwords Google and they will be recognized in the industry as the expert and professional digital marketer with proper certification. This certification is recognized globally. 

Step 1 – The very first step is to create your Google account or select a Google account if you have already. When you have selected one Google account, do logout from all the other Google accounts. There can be confusion if you are logged in from multiple Google accounts. 

Step 2 – The next step is to join the academy for ads. Once you have chosen the account through which you have to login for the certification, you can visit https://landing.google.com/academyforads

Step 3 – This is an optional step wherein you have to connect with the Google partners. You can either use the personal id for this if you are giving the exam individually or use the company’s account if you are affiliated to a company. 

Step 4 – Now you have to prepare for the exams

Step 5 – Pass one fundamental exam and one additional exam to become certified and to get certificate Google Adwords recognition. You will have to pass the exams to get the certification. 


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