Add URL to Google

Add URL to Google

Add URL to Google – Google has recently changed the interface to submit your URL so the other way to submit your URL is by using the google webmaster tools and search console interface.

Steps for Add URL to Google :

  1. Set up a google search console account, to get to this page you have to go to URL
  2. There you will get a search console green button to set up your account. On logging in with this URL you will move inside the search console where all the graphs and a lot of functional tools are provided by google.
  3. Inside the page you need to visit to the dropdown on the top left of the page just to add your URL on the site. While clicking up the dropdown you will get some earlier list of added google and then at the down, an option to add URL.
  4. You got a add box kind in between the screen and there you will get a blank space to add the URL. You need to be careful regarding weather your homepage is www. Or https, so its quite easy to go to your website on another page and copy the URL, then paste it.
  5. Now after its addition, you will reach to your own website performances and other click graphs. Now on the top bottom you will get a search console tab to add your URL link.
  6. Copy the URL of your new blog or anything from your website which you want to publish in google index, and paste it on the top tab. on entering, google will retrieve from its Index.
  7. Now your URL is completely added to the google index, if not click the downright option of request index.
Add URL to Google
Add URL to Google

Add URL to Google :

Again, if you had done some changes in the older one post and wants to update google index then, its again the same process to go through while you can automate this process by using sitemap, for this

  1. Go to sitemap option on the left scroll tabs and on clicking it you will get a option to add your sitemaps and then just enter site map URL and submit it.
  2. Now when you add any post to your website it will get added to your website automatically and will add to your URL automatically.
Add URL to Google
Add URL to Google


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