Yahoo Search Engine

Yahoo Search Engine

Yahoo Search Engine – Yahoo originally was a search giant, when it was first launched in 1990. Google has long since eclipsed it in popularity as a search engine, but Yahoo has a significant share of search activity.

In 2011, Yahoo and Microsoft made a deal in which Yahoo continued to maintain its own brand. Its editorial result came from Bing and rankings of Yahoo would exactly like you see on Bing. 

Yahoo Search Engine

Yahoo also carries paid search ads that came from Bing. If you are a small company then you’ll buy ads directly from Bing using self-serve forms. If you are a big advertiser, Yahoo will directly work with you though the ads ultimately will still get placed into Bing’s back end system.

Yahoo Search Engine
Yahoo Search Engine

Yahoo doesn’t only provide web search. Some of the popular Yahoo categories are listed below:

  1. Yahoo: Our “everything” category, this lists all stories we’ve written about Yahoo, regardless of subtopic.
  2. Yahoo answers: One of Yahoo’s big success stories, Yahoo Answers allows anyone to ask a question and get back answers from the Yahoo Answers community.
  3. Yahoo’s Delicious: Coverage about Yahoo’s popular web site bookmarking service.
  4. Yahoo’s Flickr: Stories about Yahoo’s popular photo sharing service.
  5. Yahoo News: By some measures, Yahoo is the most popular news site in the United States. Articles about the news search engine.
  6. Yahoo Search: While Yahoo Search is slated to be powered by Bing, Yahoo still plans its own unique search offerings. This category tracks what Yahoo does in web search.
  7. Yahoo search Ads: Yahoo’s search advertising system, Yahoo Search Marketing (or “Panama,” as it is known to search marketing veterans), is set to close as part of the Microsoft deal. But while it continues to operate, we continue to track it.
  8. Yahoo SEO: Until Bing takes over, Yahoo still has its own unique results, and this category has coverage of tips and advice for webmasters and marketers looking to rank better in Yahoo.

Yahoo Search Engine – Google Word Coach

Yahoo Resources

Those interested in Yahoo may also wish to keep an eye on the company’s official blog, Yahoo Anecdotal. Yahoo also maintains the Yahoo Search Blog, which covers search-related topics. The YSM Blog is aimed at Yahoo’s search advertising customers.

The Full Yahoo List

Below is the full list of various Yahoo search and search-related products that we track. Click any link to see our stories in that particular area:

Yahoo Search Engine

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Yahoo Search Engine
Yahoo Search Engine


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