What is Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini marketplace was launched in February 2017 for mobile and native ads and now it is default audience option in Yahoo self-service advertising manager. But first of all lets know what is Gemini and how does it works?

Yahoo Ad Manager launched in January 2017 was a simplified platform for advertisers to buy and manage native ad products like Stream Ads, Image Ads and sponsored Tumbler posts.

What is Yahoo Gemini
What is Yahoo Gemini

Gemini was added to leverage the power of mobile and native ads together; their native ads are optimized for mobiles and tablets.

Why Native Ads? 

Native advertising is a popular method of reaching audience with contextual message that appears alongside- or in stream with editorial content.

Some describes as subsets of content marketing and others as content’s sponsored twin. Native advertising has proven to incredibly effective especially against more traditional web advertising formats. 

It is found in Sharethrough Study that 25% of the people like native ads more than banner ads and viewed them 53% more frequently. Yahoo shares a number of stats on native advertising:

  • Fuelling marketer investment in native ads up from $1.4B in 2012 to $3.1B in 2014
  • Only 4% marketers said that they’re completely satisfied with their mobile ad campaigns
  • 95% of digital advertising pros buy mobile ads.

85% of consumers have never heard of native ads despite of its omnipresence and enthusiasm among advertisers. Only 79% of advertisers understand that native content must be identified as advertisement.

What is Yahoo Gemini ? 

Yahoo Gemini offers advertisers to reach mobile consumers in a contextually, relevant and effective way. Yahoo has more than 500 million monthly mobile users who average 104 minutes per month.

Yahoo is providing the advertisers the ability to manage mobile and tablet ads from separate interface with Gemini. This is an opportunity to get more granular with your search strategy.

Gemini advertisers have targeting options which include targeting, broad and exact match, and negative keywords. They offer site link, location and call extension; phrase match; day parting; and device, radius operating system targeting in the future.

Native ads of Yahoo appear on its Yahoo homepage and in the following products: Mail, Mobile Search, News, Sports, Finance, Celebrity, Movies, TV, Music, Travel, Homes, Autos and My Yahoo.

What is Yahoo Gemini
What is Yahoo Gemini

The Ads automatically adapts to the device type, whether computer, mobile or tablet.

How does Yahoo Gemini works with Bing Ads ? 

Bing Ads provide search ads on all devices, including mobile devices. Across Bing and Yahoo search results pages, as well as our network of partner sites.

Only some of the search ads on Yahoo’s mobile search pages are provided by Yahoo Gemini instead of Bing Ads.

Bing Ads is the only unified platform for advertisers to manage paid search advertising across all devices including PC, tablet and mobile devices, in order to achieve scale across the entire Yahoo Bing Network.

Yahoo Gemini reporting options 

You can access reports for our campaign, ad groups (mobile search), ads and keywords (mobile search) from the reporting screen. However, there’s also a 7-Day Performance Report available within the Campaigns tab. This report will show you:

  • The number of times your ads were shown to users.
  • The number of times users have clicked on your ads.
  • The install-click rate is the number of installs divided by the number of clicks you received. It indicates how often users install your app after they clicked through the ads. Try comparing it to the install-impression rate to see how effective you ads are overall.
  • The amount you have spent for the user actions that you have achieved. Please note that this should be used as guidance only as the amount you are charged may differ.
  • The average cost per click is the average amount you have paid for each click. Compare trends by selecting between the two drop-downs.

In the Reporting tab, information is stored for 90 days and includes impressions, clicks and CTRs broken down by:

  • Campaigns
  • Ad Groups – Migrated Mobile Search Only
  • Ads
  • Keywords – Mobile Search Only

 There is an 8-hour lag between impressions and reporting in the interface.

Yahoo Gemini pro-tips 

There are few tips/facts that will provide a better navigation to Yahoo Ad Manager and work with their native ad offerings:

  • Yahoo recommends that you have fewer than 100 active ad creative at any given time, but there’s no actual limit.
  • The Yahoo native ads platform is compatible with IE 9 or higher, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • You can have multiple accounts associated with the same Yahoo ID and toggle between accounts.
  • You can use Manage Users to create new user profiles and assign levels of administrative privileges to them.
  • You can delete items in bulk from the main table for paused campaigns, ad groups (Mobile Search), ads, and keywords (Mobile Search).

Yahoo Gemini is designed to offer advertisers a unified marketplace for mobile search and native advertisers, is available through the self-serve Yahoo Ad Manager. New ad formats and platform features are released as the service has evolved.

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