Window Shopping | Window Shopping Meaning

Window Shopping

what exactly is window shopping and Window Shopping Meaning ?

we find stores with large shiny transparent glasses, they are there instead of dumb walls for a reason, they serve a severe a purpose!! wondering, how? Let me try explaining it, imagine yourself passing by a sweet shop in a calm road, suddenly there is a pleasing fragrance of some delicious food being prepared nearby you look at the shop, a woman stands inside of it with a appealing smile on her face.

Window Shopping

You are attracted and decide its worth giving a look, the women explain there is a 50% sale on for another half an hour with a goofy smile you ask her to pack some.

What’s next! you are being sold to that pleasing smell!!!

Well that’s exactly why we have those windows there, they attract you to fall for it, you get attracted, that’s what window shopping means “being the prey”  

window shopping and Window Shopping Meaning

Window Shopping
Window Shopping


No, the window just serves its purpose now it’s on you to make It happen, to sell your product, to convince them, to make them realize that this piece of garment was born for them ! but they are window shoppers they didn’t come with the idea of buying your product.

How do we do it?


1.Greet them with smile, be appealing to people. Anyone would love a pleasing gratitude on a harsh day, and you can provide it to them for your need you can make profit out of everything you have.

2.Get familiar, make out some possible occasion for the use of your product, show your gratitude.

3.Make them realize that this is the end, you can never ever have a better offer on this  

4.Ask them for trials, tell them they are beautiful-appreciate them

Window Shopping
Window Shopping

This would work sometime and sometimes it wouldn’t, but you did put effort and it shouldn’t go in vain!! Do the math.

When you can’t sell them in this attempt make sure they come back soon

And yes, make them remember you, so that it helps in future.

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