Where are the google headquarters

Where are the google headquarters

Where are the google headquarters – Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Google enjoys its ardent follower base across the world and people’s lives revolve around Google for all their internet activities. America is the country where Google started so it is the parent country of Google. Americans definitely swear by Google and Indians.

But, there are many countries like Russia, Germany, and China who use their personal search engines. No matter what, Google still remains to be the topmost search engine in the world. There are other search engines like Yahoo, Baidu, etc who are the tough competitors of Google. 

Where are the google headquarters – Google was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin back when they were in college. They started it in 1995 when they were studying at Stanford University in America.

They wanted to start a search engine that would help the users to find out any information universally. Hence, they started working on it from their dorm room in Stanford University. It was just the two of them working on it.

Where are the google headquarters

Where are the google headquarters
Where are the google headquarters

But, when the news of their project broke out, they started getting attention of their faculty and also of the investors as they were doing a thing of a kind. They started doing unconventional things to make them out of the box. Also, Google was not the original name of the company that Brin and Page started. They named it Backrub. But, changed it to Google Inc. soon. 

Because of these creativity, they also got an initial investment of a huge amount of money to take their business forward. It was $100,000 that they got for their expansion of the project.

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The investors from San Francisco and co-founder Andy Bolshevism made their investment for this project. With this investment, they started expanding their business. The founders of Google came out from their dorm room and started their own office.

Where are the google headquarters

They made their first office in a garage. A garage in suburban Menlo Park, California that was owned by Susan Wojcicki (employee no.16 and now CEO of YouTube) was their office. It was not a very fancy office but as all the businesses at the start manage to get the things done, they did it too.

They used a ping pong table, a clunky computer, and some files. They had one thing clear in their mind right from the start. They wanted to do unconventional things. And they were sticking to it from the beginning. 

After years of struggle, hard work, and popularity, they moved out of their garage office and created their major office in Mountain View in California. This is the current headquarters of Google and is also called the Googleplex.

This is a huge office and this shows the struggle and the success that the company has faced in all these years. Along with being this as the parent country, Google has its offices and headquarters in different other countries as well. 

Let us see where the Google headquarters are in the whole world. Google has its offices in North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, and Africa & Middle East. 

Where are the google headquarters

The Google offices in North America are:

  1. Ann Arbor
  2. Atlanta
  3. Austin
  4. Boulder – Walnut
  5. Boulder – Pearl Place
  6. Cambridge
  7. Chapel Hill
  8. Chicago – Carpenter
  9. Chicago – Fulton Market
  10. Detroit
  11. Irvine
  12. Kirkland
  13. Kitchener
  14. Los Angeles
  15. Madison
  16. Miami
  17. Montreal
  18. New York
  19. Pittsburgh
  20. Playa Vista
  21. Portland
  22. Redwood City
  23. Reston
  24. San Francisco
  25. San Bruno
  26. San Diego
  27. Sunnyvale
  28. Seattle
  29. Toronto
  30. Toronto

The Google offices in Latin America are

  1. Belo Horizonte 
  2. Bogota
  3. Buenos Aires
  4. Mexico City
  5. Santiago
  6. São Paulo

The Google offices in Europe are:

  1. Aarhus
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Berlin
  4. Brussels
  5. Copenhagen
  6. Dublin
  7. Hamburg
  8. Lisbon
  9. London – 6PS
  10. London – BEL
  11. London – CSG
  12. Madrid
  13. Milan
  14. Moscow
  15. Oslo
  16. Paris
  17. Prague
  18. Stockholm
  19. Vienna
  20. Warsaw
  21. Wroclaw
  22. Zurich
  23. Munich
  24. Athens

The Google Offices in Africa and Middle East are:

  1. Haifa
  2. Istanbul
  3. Tel Aviv
  4. Dubai
  5. Johannesburg

The Google Offices in Asia Pacific are:

  1. Bangalore
  2. Beijing
  3. Guangzhou
  4. Gurgaon
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Hyderabad
  7. Kuala Lumpur
  8. Melbourne
  9. Mumbai
  10. Seoul
  11. Shanghai
  12. Singapore
  13. Sydney
  14. Taipei
  15. Tokyo – RPG
  16. Tokyo – STRM
  17. Jakarta
  18. Bangkok
Where are the google headquarters
Where are the google headquarters


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