What is Link Reclamation | How to Recover the Lost Link Value

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Link reclamation is the process that assists you to discover and fix the broken link’s uniform resource locator within your site or contacting others site that connect to yours. The idea of link reclamation stems from link building procedures.

Producing backlinks with the help of SEO expert is the essential segment of off-page search engine optimizations. However, several times because of a site redesign, updating, or removing website pages and updating uniform resource locator, many of the links become dead and have no worth.

Link Reclamation

This may lead to an adverse effect on the search engine optimization of your website. Being human, it’s also not feasible to search out all the broken or dead links from different sources. Link reclamation involves programs that are implemented to scroll above and record the whole broken, dead and unimportant links.

Using SEO consultant, you can divert these links to an existing website page or quell them off for the excellent search engine optimization health of your site Here is how you can accomplish link reclamation procedures.

What is Link Reclamation
What is Link Reclamation

How to restore the value of the lost link?

Lots of free bets and plugins are accessible to find dead or broken links to your site. Once after recording the broken links, you can update or remove them to restore the value of the dead links. Here are some fantastic and ideal plugins for effecting link reclamation.

1. Check Google Chrome’s “My links plugin.”

if you’re a Chrome user, you can download Google Chrome’s free plugin called “Check my links.” This plugin is purposely produced for the content editors, website designers & developers. Once after you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you may appropriately find out the broken or dead links. You only need to pursue these steps after the activation of the plugin.

• First, to initiate the console, log in on Chrome click on CTRL + Shift +

• There you’ll see the whole dead HTTP and URLs response codes.

• Open the settings and press on tools. Then proceed to JavaScript console to traverse the dead links that are existing.

Now you may fix them as per your need or detach the undesirable smashed links for good.

2. Google Webmaster Tools

If you’re not utilizing Google chrome, you may apply the Google webmaster tools instead of wasting time in installing chrome. With the assistance of these tools, you’ll discover the whole broken or dead links in a more convenient way. Additionally, several search engine optimization tools are also accessible for free Google webmaster site. To begin, you need to have an account there.

• If you’ve generated an account, you may log in and proceed to crawl section.

• Look at the links problems discerned there.

• If you notice a stated error as “Not found.” It merely means that a specific website page is incapable of displaying because of an invalid uniform resource locator.

• If you discover Soft 404 problem, it means dead, redirected or broken links are detected.

• You may also discover server error for any internal problems on your site.

Google webmaster tools offer convenient and ideal platforms to notice every feasible and precise annoying URL. Therefore, it’s a good idea to utilize it for link reclamation.

3. Excel Spreadsheet app

List the whole broken or dead link uniform resource locator you discovered from Google webmaster tool in excel or same spreadsheet app. It also never matters what type of MS Excel you’re utilizing.

If you find a lower number of dead links, it’s preferable to manually move through every link and confirm whether they are dead or broken in real. With the help of SEO expert, you’ll need to fix them to get the value of the lost link for the excellent search engine optimization health of your site

4. Utilize AHREF tool in flushing 404 errors

Ahref is also a convenient and prominent tool for cleaning up the irritating on-site links that are usually difficult to notice easily. You’ll never go wrong with this tool in discovering the dead or broken links, brand new website’s migration uniform resource locators with hypertext transfer protocol secure and other removed redirects.

Once you eliminate the 404 broken link problem with the assistance of SEO consultant, hand over the new connections to the sites connecting back to your website. You may also utilize the indefinite 301 redirects for conveying the whole juice to rectify link URL.

5. Brand mentions and image links

Flushing out 404 error is not the only method for link reclamation. You may also perform this through brand mentions that are not connected to your site. You can also recover the links of your image by utilizing a tool such as Tineye or Allintitle, a manual search operator.

What is Link Reclamation
What is Link Reclamation

You’ll only need to insert your photo’s title to find out where your images are being utilized. You may comfortably discover website pages utilizing your branded content thus making for a rapid link building triumph.

What is the requirement of Link Reclamation?

For each company site, link reclamation is essential for numerous aspects.

• The search engine optimization health of your website may be poorly affected by these broken or dead links URLs. Link reclamation aids in discovering these undesirable links that can be removed or fixed by the website owner.

• Link reclamation also offers website visitors with the ideal navigation encounters. If they discover 404 not found errors, they may vacate your site which may additionally lead to the bounce rate increase.

• With the assistance of many link reclamation tools, you may also discover dead links recorded from other sites search as blogs and forums. You can also use the help of SEO expert to update link URL frequently if you need frequent website page updates such as news or e-commerce information.

• Dead links are predominantly the source of site makeovers, redirections or spelling errors. With the assistance of SEO consultant, you’ll effortlessly discover and affix those dead links.

• If you’re disregarding the link’s quality cross check within your site or other site links back to your website, you may lose the ranking and reputation of your site because of poor navigation encounters.


Link reclamation recovers the value of the lost link which can rapidly improve your link profile and your website’s ranking. It’s a straightforward method to begin off a link building agitation since you’ll not be building links, you’ll merely be cleaning up the old ones.


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