What is an affiliate Marketer


What is an affiliate Marketer – Affiliate marketing is simply selling someone else’s products or services through your marketing techniques, your own platforms, and through your ideas. All you have to do is select different brands that you want to work with. Select their products or the services that you would want to sell.

Use a platform for example for an offline shop or an online social media store say on Facebook, and start selling those products. You can have a name of your brand and sell these products as your own or you can give credits to the real brand name if you want.

You will be making the income not from the sales because that goes to the brand. You will be earning through the commission that the brands will give you on each sale.  But who does affiliate marketer and what is an affiliate marketer? 

What is an affiliate Marketer

What is an affiliate Marketer
What is an affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer is someone who does the above said things and any one who wishes to start such businesses can be an affiliate marketer. There’s no limit to what an affiliate marketer will earn through this kind of marketing. But, if you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer then you must stay away from these mistakes. 

  1. Sell as if you are helping in some way. Do not make it extremely direct selling if you are telling that you are an affiliate marketer. 
  2. Do not join any and all the affiliate programs that you come across. It is good to have various brands in your league so that you could earn more but excess of the affiliation means you being all over the place. It will also be difficult for you to manage so many deals then. 
  3. Start selling without testing. This is not good. It is okay if the readers know that you are an affiliate but they should trust in you and only you can work on that. 
  4. Do not leave your work without tracking. Always make sure that you are tracking the progress correctly. 
  5. Another big mistake here would be to not compare. There are various brands that would be doing the same work and you must work for the ones that pay you well, whose brand value is bigger, and whose products you would be buying. 
What is an affiliate Marketer
What is an affiliate Marketer


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