What are Digital Marketing Strategies

What are Digital Marketing Strategies

What are Digital Marketing Strategies – Digital Marketing is basically advertisement delivered through digital channels.

Digital channel can be social media, mobile applications, email, web applications, search engines, websites or any new digital channel. Or in other words Digital Marketing is any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic devices. 

What are Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing can be done on both online and offline mode. Digital Marketing has two main pillars which are online and offline marketing. Today people are spending more than 11+ hours on electronic devices everyday.

What are Digital Marketing Strategies
What are Digital Marketing Strategies

There are some big categories of online marketing namely Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay Per Click advertisement (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, and Email Marketing.

As online digital marketing, offline digital marketing also has 4 categories:

  • Enhanced offline marketing: This marketing is entirely offline which is enhanced with electronic devices. For example, you can use electronic devices to order your food, products and services which will be delivered to you physically.
  1. Electronic billboards
  2. Digital product demos
  3. Digital product samples
  • Radio marketing: In radio marketing ads are given on radio stations which are paid and played on their respective radio channel. People are still using radio in cars and at homes. On an average, listeners listen 2 hours per day; about half of the population listen to online radio at least once a month.
  1. Radio commercials
  2. Show sponsoring
  • Television marketing: We all are aware of television ads, TV ads have been around for more than half a century. TV commercials hit everyone across the board.
  1. TV commercials
  2. Tele-shopping
  3. Super Bowl commercials
  • Phone marketing: It is one of the biggest and fast growing are of offline marketing, which admittedly also a lot of flops, busts and failures. There are two ways which are for every type of phone whether smart or not.
  • One of them is cold calling in which call is made to a person with no prior contact and trying to sell them something. And the other one is text messages which is send to person which is regarding any product or service which is offered by the company. 
  1. Cold calling
  2. Text message marketing (giveaways, coupons, loyalty programs)
  3. QR codes

That’s the scoop on digital marketing. As you can see, the internet is, by far, not the only place for marketers to gather success, even today. Of course, no one can afford to miss out on the opportunities of the web and, eventually, every marketer will have to master online marketing. 

What are Digital Marketing Strategies
What are Digital Marketing Strategies

What are Digital Marketing Strategies

But, employing a few of these offline marketing tactics can help you to not put all of your eggs into one basket and diversify your lead generation beyond social media, content marketing and the like.

Hope in this article “What are Digital Marketing Strategies” every thing is clear if you have any question then contact us right now.


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