Web Development Company in India

Web Development Company in India

How Web Development tools and along with the web design could affect the SEO ranking?

Web Development Company in India

Web development services basically revolve around developing a web page/web design for a website. But, what we are ignoring here is the customer experience and expectations.

Web development with Java and various other tool are not only used to develop a website but also to make it consumer friendly. Web development languages like Java, HTML etc are coded in a manner which is easy for consumer while they will be scrolling down the website.

Since time immemorial web development services and SEO are in constant evolving Process.

Web Development Company in India

Therefore, considering the Google updates which keep on changing with their new algorithm. Web developers have started using Web development languages like Parallax, Responsive and HTML 5. These languages have different characteristics when it comes to web development Blogs site having SEO friendly content.


With web development language like Parallax usually the website consist of one page. But the method of web design through Parallax is customer friendly. Through parallax web development companies develop content and web site in such a manner that it seems like telling a story to consumer.

Although from a website design perspective Parallax is good but could be Challenging when it comes to SEO.

Responsive Design-

Responsive design is a Google recommended method for web design. It makes the website optimal for various devices like mobile along with windows and iOS.

Web Development Company in India
Web Development Company in India

Apart from this ,we can easily say that Responsive design is in sync with the Latest SEO update of Mobile Friendly interface Pixel Follow Best Web Development Company in India.

Web development blogs having responsive design  prevent dilution of link equity by creating a common URL link for mobile as well as computer users.In this manner, Responsive design is indirectly increasing the traffic on the main page of the website.

Using Responsive design as web development Tool will increase the backlink of web development blog which will directly affect the SEO ranking of your website.

Hence Responsive Design could be a web development tool which is both Customer friendly as well as SEO friendly.


When it comes to Web development tools , HTML5 Could be troublesome. Although HTML 5 has all the visually appealing aspects that one want in their website. But Web development with Java makes it difficult for search engine bots to understand the content.

Web Development Company in India

The main reason is the coding technique of HTML 5. If there is an error related to coding then Google will read the website as an empty page and  will not rank it, in spite of having SEO friendly content.

With HTML 5, Web development with Java is the part of the coding technique, the content should be static in order to be listed on a search engine.


When it comes to web development services and tools, one should not burdensome their website with categories / Subcategories which are huge in numbers.

A website having multiple categories can confuse the customer and hence could increase the bounce rate for the website.

Web Development Company in India
Web Development Company in India

With a variety of web development tools and service interface, data and user experience should be a priority while designing the categories of a website.


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