Startup Story of Nakhrewaali

Story of Nakhrewaali

Startup Story of Nakhrewaali – What’s the future of a brand that starts with Instagram or any social media? Well, we tell you about a brand that started from the gram and in just 3 years of its existence, has made its way to ‘the Oscars’. Yes, you heard that right. 

Nakhrewaali is a millennial classic women’s accessories and apparel brand started by Gursakhi Lugani. The aesthetic brand is one of a kind that has been receiving immense love from the people worldwide.

Not just the loyal fans of the brand but also the biggest fashion celebrities have sported Nakhrewaali’s offbeat and stunning pieces. That’s the power of a brand we are talking about! 

Startup Story of Nakhrewaali

Start up Story of Nakhrewaali
Startup Story of Nakhrewaali

Startup Story of Nakhrewaali

Sakhi was a corporate professional before she finally entered the world of a women entrepreneur to just strengthen it. She has been a smart player with a strong essence of hard work backing her up.

She got the idea of starting her jewellery brand when she was praised for her DIY earrings that she styled for a fashion week. She found her kick and started working for the brand having her security job side by side. Sakhi obviously left the job once her brand made a hit and started to work for herself entirely. 

Nakhrewaali is not just a name but a feeling for every woman to celebrate herself. Each of the Nkahrewaali pieces designed is so unique that it is hard to find something similar anywhere round.

Sakhi follows the aesthetics of the Indian textiles, handlooms, prints, etc on all her pieces. They have launched quite a few collections until now where each of the pieces is different from one other.

All of her collections are inspired by something either from nature, Bollywood or from the Indian textiles. The way Sakhi presents and puts her collection out there is totally refreshing. 

Various celebrities including Sonam Kapoor, Guneet Monga, Divya Dutta, and many more have been spotted wearing Nakhrewaali pieces. The top style influencers in the industry have praised Sakhi’s brand for her hard work in each design.

Startup Story of Nakhrewaali

Nakhrewaali has earrings, necklaces, bag charms, dupatta, blouses, notepads, bangles, and bags. The names of each of the collections are entirely enticing like Tip Tip Barsa, Death by Nakhra, etc that are enough to attract every Nakhrewaali out there. 

The team started with a few members and now has various artisans both men and women working on the creations. Each of the pieces of the brand is created by humans aka by their in house artisans, and they have no machine in their office. Hence, a sustainable brand, my friend! Sakhi has been a power women entrepreneur giving inspiration to many through her work. 

Startup Story of Nakhrewaali
Startup Story of Nakhrewaali

Startup Story of Nakhrewaali

Nakhrewaali has been launched in various countries like Paris, Miami, Milan, and others. It is a Delhi based brand that has taken a trip in various Indian cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and others. Sakhi has represented her brand on Ted Talks, NDTV, and several other important platforms. She has been ruling the business world just through her ideas. 

When we talk about success and hard work, Sakhi has convinced us to believe that awards, mentions, and praises are not the only thing that defines them. Hard work can be seen in each of the designs as well. 

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