SEO with Google

SEO With Google

SEO with Google – All the information that we get from the internet comes from the search engines. The search engine is a web based tool that helps the users to get all the information they are wanting from the world wide web.

It is like the ultimate place from where the consumers of the internet are getting their information. It takes around 2 to 5 seconds for the search engines to find the information that the users are seeking and provide them with it. 

SEO With Google

The search engines crawl billions of websites and the webpages with the help of their web crawlers. The search engine bots or the spiders are what these crawlers are called.

SEO with Google – It downloads these web pages and then follows the links from these pages to discover the new pages that have been made available. Basically, there are three types of search engines: they are navigational, transactional, and informational. 

The most popular and the biggest search engine in the world is Google. 

Traditional Search Engines 

Other than Google, there are some other search engines that are widely popular and most people actually use it over Google for the extra benefits that they give.

Some countries like China and Russia have their personal search engines like Baidu and Yandex respectively that are widely used there. Some of the traditional search engines are:

  1. Bing 
  2. Duck Duck Go
  3. Yahoo
  4. Baidu
  5. Ecosia
  6. Yandex 

Other types of Search Engines 

Contrary to the typical traditional search engines, there are some new age search engines that are getting popular these days.

They are not the platform to search in a typical way but they are great alternatives for the traditional search engines where correct information can be provided in form of pictures, videos, products, websites, etc. 

  1. YouTube
  2. Pinterest 
  3. Amazon 

What is Search Engine Optimisation 

In the simplest words, optimising the websites for the search engines is called as search engine optimisation. One common thing that the users must have noticed while browsing anything on the search engines is that the most relatable information as per the query of the user is displayed at the top.

SEO with Google – This happens because of the ranking factor. This does not happen magically and the search engines do not themselves figure out that a particular website or a webpage is the most related to the query asked. The websites and the web pages have to optimise their websites for the search engines to rank in the first page. 

It is a common human factor that while we are searching anything on the search engine, we generally get enough information from the first page and we do not move on to the next page for any kind of information.

SEO with Google

So, it is very important for the websites to rank in the first page of the search engines to get enough traction and visitors. This happens with the help of search engine optimization or SEO. Every website owner must do SEO on their website and their web pages to let their websites and web pages rank high in the search engine and get in the eyes of the users. 

SEO is done for benefiting the websites through the organic results and traffic. 

SEO is a lot more than just optimising the website or rather there are different aspects of the SEO are:

  1. Branding
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Content Design 
  4. Public Relations
  5. Conversion Rate Optimisation 
  6. User Experience 
  7. Coding and web development 

So, this is more about digital marketing. 

SEO and its relation with keyword

The most important aspect of SEO is the keyword. SEO starts with keywords and revolves around the keywords. Talking from the perspective of Google as it is the biggest search engine in the world, it is very important to take keywords seriously.

The first step of beginning the SEO with Google is to start with the keyword research. Google optimises the content through the keywords. So, it is important for the websites and the web pages to use keywords to rank. 

The search engines preferably Google here, crawls the websites and the web pages and takes the help of the keywords for ranking.

When a user searches for any information on the internet on the search engines, they are knowingly or unknowingly using a keyword for searching. The search engine targets those keywords and then searches and then provides the users with the relevant information. 

SEO with Google

SEO With Google
SEO with Google

It is important for the websites and the web pages to use the keywords to rank and be found as per the queries. There are different types of keywords to use and also there are different ways to use the keywords. The first thing to do is find the niche of your website or your web page.

Then use the keywords related to your niche. You can use various techniques like Google drop down search, etc to find the relevant and the trending keyword for your website. These will be the keywords that the users are searching for.

When you use these keywords in your websites, the search engines will show your website or your web page to the searchers if they have typed in these keywords. 

SEO with Google

There are different tools, free and paid, available out there to find the best keywords for your website. These tools have various ways to find the different keywords that could help you with enough information about the keywords alongside. 

Talking about the keywords, there is enough competition for the keywords. Now, every other website knows about this tactic and is doing the SEO for their website to rank. Hence, all of them must be using keywords. So, there has to be enough competition. How to win the keyword search competition is also what needs attention. 

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Another thing to pay attention on here is that just using enough keywords to rank will not work. Google is smart enough to understand that you are just using the keywords to rank and are not writing quality content.

Excessive use of the keywords is called keyword stuffing. This is unethical and Google does not approve of this. If a website has keyword stuffing then Google might rank it down.

SEO with Google 

SEO With Google
SEO with Google

Places to use the keyword:

  1. In the title
  2. In the meta tags
  3. In the meta description
  4. In the first paragraph that is in the beginning of the content 
  5. In the URL of the page 
  6. In the H1 and H2 sub headers
  7. In the alt texts of the images 

Types of SEO 

There are four main types of SEO:

  1. Black hat SEO – This is a type of SEO that you should not do as it is unethical and includes shortcuts in the digital world to excel. The Google guidelines are against this SEO practise. Keyword stuffing, plagiarism, thin content, purchased backlinks etc are the examples of black hat SEO. 
  • White hat SEO – This is the best SEO technique to go for, it is ethical, it is Google guidelines approved, but it is costlier. The tools and the techniques of the white hat SEO is valuable and reputable too. 
  • Grey hat SEO – In the middle of the black hat SEO and the white hat SEO is the grey hat SEO tactics. This still is not safe but Google does not completely disapprove of this because there are specific techniques that are used for this. This is also halfway unethical but isn’t as troublesome. 
  • Negative SEO – Using the black or grey hat SEO techniques on someone else’s website with an aim to cause them harm is the negative SEO. This is done because if someone harms their competitor’s website then their own website can rank high. But, this is truly unethical. 

The other types of SEO are off page SEO, on page SEO, e-commerce SEO, technical SEO, content SEO, local SEO, and mobile SEO. 

Advantages of SEO 

Some direct benefits or advantages of SEO are:

  1. It is the primary source of leads 
  2. It is the way in which your websites and the web pages will rank better in the search engines
  3. It leads to better user experience 
  4. It brings more conversions 
  5. It brings higher closer rates
  6. SEO leads to better cost management 
  7. It helps in building credibility for the brand and brings more brand awareness
  8. For the local businesses, it is extremely beneficial as it encourages the local users to visit the physical store following the address after they have got the reference. 
  9. SEO is extremely powerful to ensure the mobile friendliness of your website
  10. This might sound a little misleading but SEO can help you with the market share gains. 
  11. Keeping SEO as the long term strategy can bring in more benefits for the brand and the website in the longer run. 
  12. This is known to create a synergy of all the marketing activities online. 
  13. Again this may sound completely inappropriate but SEO is known to increase the speed of the website. 
  14. To get more followers in social media, SEO is a great strategy. 
  15. To stay ahead in the competition, SEO is one of the best ways. Using the keyword research and other strategies of SEO, one can stay ahead in competition.


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