10 Biggest Myths To Bust Before Chalking Out Your SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy – In this modern epoch of digitization, the world has developed into one interconnected society. Nowadays, people can hook up with their known thousand miles away using a messenger App, do online shopping, gaming, and the list is just about endless.

SEO Strategy
SEO Strategy

Not only entertainment, in this digital era but the Internet has also become a battle arena; companies worldwide are investing big times to broaden their customer base and conquer big feats. But this isn’t as straightforward as you might perceive, especially with the volume of competition out there.

SEO Strategy

Do you know there are approx 1.94 billion active websites as per the latest January 2019 report? So, if you think just by publishing a few business web pages, you will rule the Internet, and then you will be left shell-shocked later on.

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Search Engine Optimization To Your Rescue

The soaring competition over the World Wide Web doesn’t mean you need to put your business dreams on the back burner. Today you have the power of SEO. Stands for Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a dynamic weapon that has leveled the playing field for businesses of diverse complexities & capacities.

Whether you are a startup inquest to take your product to the prospective customers or a struggling business with diminishing sales numbers, anyone can lock horns with the giants of the market, thanks to Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Strategy

Whether or not you have ever implemented the SEO strategies, you probably are aware of so many myths floating in the air regarding how it works and what you can achieve with it. Today, we’ve rounded up ten most prevailing SEO myths, so scroll down and jot them down-

1. SEO Means Immediate Results

As a matter of truth, SEO is not an overnight venture; you just can accomplish your business goals just by making a few on-page tweaks or a day or two of off-page submissions.

Search Engine Optimization plans take several months to produce any measurable results, but one thing is for sure that the results you will be getting are lasting.

SEO Strategy
SEO Strategy

2. Link Building Is Dead

Recently, while surfing the Internet to garner information regarding SEO, you probably come across the popular saying that “Link Building Is Dead.” This is a complete myth with no technical backing.

Link building will always remain integral to every SEO success story, but scam building of backlinks has very much died, so stay clear of that.

3. Google Is Not Fond of SEO

Did you know what the primary aim of doing SEO is? Without a second thought, it is to ensure the finest web experiences for your online visitors.

SEO assignments such as having proper website navigation, short website loading time, all these are parameters Google algorithm analyses when positioning websites on SERP pages. In a nutshell, never be in a fool’s world that Google doesn’t like SEO.

4. Content Doesn’t Matter

Content is King,” these are the powerful words of once the world’s richest guy Bill Gates. According to him, the content has the potential to drive the digital world forward. So, it is imperative to engage quality content with your website along with the social media channels. 

5. Keyword Stuffing Is the Master key to Success

Well, a decade back this was a truth that cannot be underpinned, but today this violates the Google guidelines.

6. Website Sitemap Carry No Weight

The sitemaps in 2019 are as indispensable it was five to ten years ago, and this has become even more with Google mobile-first algorithm release a year back.

7. Social Media Platforms Help You Rank Better

Yes, social media marketing has become elemental to a business’s digital growth, but it has no role to play for site rankings on popular search engines such as Google, Bing.

SEO Strategy
SEO Strategy

8. Don’t Include the Target Keyword into the Anchor Text

Should you include the target keyword in the anchor text? This is a lot of debate going on this, and this has become even more hostile with Google’s Hummingbird update coming to the fold.

Most SEO veterans hold the belief that the anchor text keyword inclusion is a valuable method that can bring more relevant traffic, while over optimization is strictly prohibited.

9. Investing in Google Ads Will Boost Your Organic Traffic

This is a big “No.”  While PPC is a great investment or a faster route to improve your business bottom line, but it is limited for increasing organic traffic.

10. Keywords Targeting Is Now Irrelevant

Post the Google Hummingbird algorithm update, the SEO world has been dominated by a pure misconception that keywords targeting are no more a part of SEO.

Unarguably, this update has revamped the future of searching, but as relevant sites still appear with keywords, it is a no-brainer to say keyword theory has not become extinct like the dinosaurs.

I hope the above-mentioned myth busters opened up with your eyes, so from now onwards you will have a different mindset when formulating your SEO strategy.

Hope in this article “SEO Strategy” every thing is clear if you have any question then contact us right now.


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