Personal Search Google

Personal Search Google

Personal Search Google – Google does a lot of testing and experiments on a daily basis. Google updates a lot of algorithms on a daily basis and some of them are bigger updates and some are also smaller updates that go without notice.

Just like Google updates its algorithms on a regular basis it also keeps on adding a lot of new features to its use to test and see how people react to it and how it can be useful. This one is basically a personalized version of their search results for the signed in Google users. 

Personal Search Google

Personal Search Google
Personal Search Google

So, basically in the Google search engine, there is also a personal search filter added. This one was testing filter in the search results for showing the personal results only. This feature was a testing feature but it was made available to the people.

Personal Search Google – This had to be done because Google wants real users to check their certain features and give correct feedback about them. Any Google user who has a personal Google account could use this feature as it was Live for them. If you have a Google account and you are signed in while doing the search then you could use this feature. 

You would require to go to the Google search engine though the simple search. There you will see a drop down menu and you could select the personal search for that one. When you select the personal option through the drop down menu.

Once you select this, you will be able to see your photos, emails, flights, and all the other personal data related to your query in the search results.

Google would filter it according to your personal search filter. For this you have to be logged into your normal gmail account and you would have to do a normal Google search. You will not be able to see it if you are logged out of the gmail or the Google account.

Personal Search Google – Even if you are logged into the Google Apps or the GSuite, you won’t be able to access the account. 

This was spotted first by Jessica Grammer. She posted about this as soon as she found out about this. She posted about it on Twitter. 

This one is somehow similar to the search plus your world that was another feature by Google. Through this tool, Google would surface all the data like the gmail and all personal information directly in the search results.

Personal Search Google
Personal Search Google

This was the feature added in 2012 and since then it has come from time to time till now. This would have only worked if you are signed in using Google through a personal account. It wont work otherwise.

If you don’t use the Gmail account a lot then it will show a list of spam mails that are there in the inbox. 

“We are always experimenting with ways to make Google Search more useful for our users. At this time, we have no further plans to announce.” This one is the official statement given by Google in this whole case. 

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