Marketing Strategies that were popular in 2020

Marketing Strategies that were popular in 2020

Marketing Strategies that were popular in 2020 – In the marketing world, there is nothing as one thing fits all. The marketing strategies should change constantly and this is how it is going to work. Also, there is nothing like non working marketing techniques or outdated marketing techniques.

Marketing Strategies that were popular in 2020

Well, all these things depend totally on the types of industry, type of product or service, target market, and others. Hence, this involves changing the marketing strategies throughout. Here are some of the marketing strategies that were popular in 2019 to check out. Maybe some of them could be carried forward in 2020. 

Marketing Strategies that were popular in 2020

Marketing Strategies that were popular in 2020
Marketing Strategies that were popular in 2020

1 Updating the old content 

Creating new and needful content always stands at the king. But, what we are missing out on some important things is that we do not update the old content and forget about it. You cannot decide the lifetime of a content because it can be wanted throughout life.

Hence, it is important to update the old content as frequently as possible. Make the content an evergreen content rather than a short lived content and then see the difference in your website traffic. 

  1. Allowing more Link Building 

As a website owner or a website manager, you could get so much help just through the search engines. We outdo and not pay attention to the enough information that the search engines are giving us.

Through more research, we can actually find out who are real competitors are what we can do with them. We could gain a lot of links from them that would indirectly help us to gain more traffic. Focusing more on the link building partnerships should be the key. 

  1. Leveraging videos through the guest blogging 

Well, the research in 2019 states that one third of the entire online activity is based on watching videos. So, this clearly shows that people are watching more videos now than ever before. As an online business owner, you must target the videos platform or else you wicked be losing out on a lot of things.

This could be a great way to engage with your customers and gain more potential customers. Creating high quality videos through guest blogging can be a really helpful marketing strategy. 

  1. Ebook marketing 

You know that content is the king but these days it has to be the best king ever. This means that if your content is normal then no one is going to waste their time reading it. Long form blog content and e books are the things to target more of today.

Ebooks on various topics are really trending these days. If you create an ebook on some topic and give it for free trial download and subscribe to the newsletter or make it available at a nominal cost can really bring you enough leads. People are constantly looking out for information and knowledge these days through social media. 

  1. Optimising the blog content 

Just writing great content isn’t enough. You got to write some fabulous and outstanding content but along with that you also got to optimise those content because that is the way to leverage your content. Optimising means bringing conversions to your website.

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Making a research for using the best keywords and then using those keywords can help you get more and also quality traffic. This will directly affect your search engine rankings. 

  1. Trusting the social media 

Of course, when we talk about social media and doing business on social media, we always think about the traditional sites like Facebbok, Twitter, and Instagram.

But, these days there are so many sites to work on and grow your business like Snapchat, Tis Tok, Like app etc. There are endless possibilities these days and there is no limit on growing. These new apps along with the old sites are the best and also the easiest ways to get popular. 

  1. Understand and give priority to the user experience on the blog 

There are so many sites online related to every subject. So, the users are already seeing a lot of websites almost everyday. They also know the structure of a good website. If your website is not good then they are not going to like it.

You will have to create a website where the user experience is amazing. This is a great way to leverage your website and bring customers quite often. Also, if the customers are having a good time on your website they will stick to it for a longer time possibly making conversions. 

  1. Include more CTAs on all the top performing blogs 

If you have a website that is well written and have blogs in them that are well optimized then people tend to share the blogs from there. Depending upon the kind of posts you create, people share the blogs for different purposes. So, having more CTAs in the best blogs are always good for your website. 

Marketing Strategies that were popular in 2020
Marketing Strategies that were popular in 2020


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