Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph – The knowledge graph is a system by Google and is called as the Google knowledge graph. Google launched this system in May 2012. It is a system that understands the facts about the things, people, and places.

The system that shows how all these entities are all connected with each other. This system was launched by Google to answer the search queries in form of answers and not just links. This was a huge turnover when it comes to the search engine answers.

The Google knowledge graph is used behind the scenes to help Google to improve its search relevancy. It is also used to present the knowledge graph boxes within its search results that provide the direct answers.

The services this system involves is improving the search from the information that is got from the resources. Just next to the search results if you see on Google, there is an Info box. The results in form of answers will be provided in this box. 

Knowledge Graph


Knowledge Graph

According to the study of Google, the Google users are looking for the answers in the form of data and not just links. And the 80% of the traffic to Google comes from organic searches. So, this system was designed.

So, basically the knowledge graph integrates and acquires information into an ontology and applies a reasoner to derive new information. It is more of a programmatic way to help with the subject matter experts, data interlinking, and machine learning algorithms. 

In the Knowledge Graph, graph is the word used to describe how a set of objects are connected. This is a technical term given. Previously, Facebook has used the social graph to see how people are connected with each other. Now, Google uses it since 7 years to find the same.


Knowledge Graph

It is a big change introduced by Google with a subtle appearance. More or less, Google looks the same as it was before introducing this system, and now just a different pop up box comes in the side. They don’t have an official name and people used to call it the knowledge panels. 


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