JCPenney j time

JCPenney j time

JCPenney j time – There was an article in the New York Times that said that something about the search engine optimisation. They published an article where they exposed J.C Penney link scheme. They said that link causes plummeting rankings in Google. This article was more of an investigation of J.C Penney.

This was rather a serious investigation that found that thousands of seemingly unrelated websites were linking to the JCPenney website. A lot of unrelated websites in this process were also the ones that were the ones only containing the links. Most of these links on these websites had very bold anchor texts that were apparently very descriptive.

It seemed that all of these links were just created to get better rankings on the Google search engine result pages. The investigation stated that people did actually spent some time to create these links just for this purpose. This is unethical and wrong to do this in a lot of ways. 

JCPenney j time

JCPenney j time
JCPenney j time

When the New York Times asked JC Penny about the whole thing they confirmed saying that they were not aware of anything related. said they did not do anything about those spammy links. They even fired their SEO firm, SearchDex. They might not know according to them but how these things happened then was the question of the hour. Here we talk about it entirely. 

JCPenney j time – The actual work of Google is to understand the query of the users through the keywords. The keywords is a signal for the Google to understand what the user wants to learn. Through the keywords, the information that is the most related is provided to the users.

This is all a matter of 2 to 5 seconds depending upon the needs of the user. But, to provide the user with the most accurate information Google has to crawl over trillion pages online to find the best suited information as per the query and give it to the user. It was the foundation of the Page Rank on which Google was launched.

JCPenney j time – The concept behind this is that a page that has a lot of links is always good for the users because they want more links in the form of their answers. If there are a lot of links on Google about ‘friends tv show’ then there are higher chances that those links have downloadable copies of the show as well or just the theme song. 

So, the websites understood how important it is to rank high on the search engines on Google search results. So, a lot of the websites began hatching the link schemes. A lot of traditional marketing techniques are out there that has been started by the website owners to adopt so that their websites rank high on the search engines.

JCPenney j time – So, it is not only about hoping these days that the content would rank but the methods are implemented to rank the websites and the content. As per the Google webmaster headlines, they say that their algorithms are meant to surface the best possible results to the searchers.

JCPenney j time
JCPenney j time

If anyone tries to be smarter and manipulates the algorithms that are stated by the Google webmaster headlines then Google would also downlink the websites despite of all the efforts done on the search engine result pages. 

Matt Cutts manages a very large team dedicated to finding violations of the guidelines and then refining the algorithms to catch them in a wide swath as well as manually remove sites or lower their rankings. There is also a concept of the paid links.

A lot of people buy a bunch of links and create backlinks so that Google sees that their website has a lot of backlinks and they will be ranked higher. But, buying of the links is unethical. It is important to understand that that buying links for PageRank purposes is very different from buying online advertising.

Advertising links generally include code that cause them to be seen differently by search engines so that they’re not counted like editorial links would be. Buying of the links for the page rank is violating or manipulating the page rank’s policy. 

JCPenney j time – In Spite of these being stated everywhere that buying of the links for the ranking purpose is wrong, a lot of people, websites, and organisations do end up buying the links for it and simply do not care about the policy of the Google webmaster guidelines.

A lot of companies think they would outsmart Google but they are always caught and the result is down rank of the pages. 


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