Is India the New HI Tech Capital of the World in 2020

New HI Tech Capital

While this seems like a strange question to ask, it is actually very relevant because India’s economy is developing rapidly and one sector which is developing at breakneck speed is the hi-tech sector. Digital marketing forms an important part of this sector. 

Is India the New HI Tech Capital of the World ?

Indeed, it is digital marketing which is fast putting India on the map in terms of being a major driver of economic growth.

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Is India the New HI Tech Capital of the World – Because digital marketing needs a well educated workforce and relatively well built up infrastructure, many national and international companies are increasingly viewing Gurgaon as a prime location for their corporate, branch, and satellite offices.  

What does a digital marketing company in Gurgaon do?

Many digital marketing professionals who live outside of India find themselves asking the question, “What does a digital marketing company in Gurgaon do?”  The answer is, “it depends. 

Is India the New HI Tech Capital of the World
Is India the New HI Tech Capital of the World

It depends on their clientele and the industries which their clientele are in.  However, all digital marketing firms offer the following services which seem to be uniform across digital marketing companies!”  These digital marketing services are:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Full digital marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Mobile marketing
  • SEO Services
  • Website
  • Content Marketing
  • Email marketing

Search Engine Optimization

This includes updating and changing web content to ensure that it always receives top ranking on search engine results. 

Is India the New HI Tech Capital of the World
Is India the New HI Tech Capital of the World

Is India the New HI Tech Capital of the World – Part of search engine optimization is off page optimization which is the practice of ensuring that associated web pages and websites which are outside of the website are ranked highly.  This helps the main website get back links easily

Full digital marketing

Companies specializing in this have teams which market their clients’ information across various online channels including search engines – this encompasses SEO, AdWords, content and display marketing, and more.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM consists of planning and implementing social media marketing campaigns and strategies on a wide array of social media platforms ranging from Facebook to Snapchat. 

Is India the New HI Tech Capital of the World

Since each platform has a different purpose in terms of global outreach, different campaigns need to be implemented on different platforms.  The results can be wildly different for each platform.

Mobile Marketing

Most people look at company websites and do business with companies through their mobile devices. Live with it and move on.  The best digital marketing companies have their teams direct online advertising towards mobile devices to the user groups who will be viewing them the most. 

Their clients find that they gain more customers and revenue streams as a result. These teams also constantly monitor web analytics for any changes or trends in consumer buying patterns.

SEO Services

This encompasses many areas including e-commerce, multi-lingual, and international SEO.  It also includes app store optimization, and national and local SEO.  


Is India the New HI Tech Capital of the World – This includes excellent design in terms of producing the ecommerce and landing pages which successfully sell products and services.  It encompasses responsive design, website redesign, CMS, product, and mobile and app website and page design.

Content marketing

There is a saying, ‘content is king!’  The best digital marketing companies realize this and have made content creation and marketing the core of their business service offerings. 

Their teams create web content which is informational, educational, thought inspiring, and intriguing.  More importantly, it evokes emotional feelings in their readers and this is what inspires them to make purchases.  The core of content marketing is SEO content and blog posts.

Email marketing

Marketing is all about reaching out to the client and making the interaction personal.  Email marketing accomplishes this with customized and personalized emails which are sent out to customers across various channels – both social and traditional. 

Teams which do email marketing also study the psycho graphics and buying patterns of those in their target markets. This gives them valuable insight in terms of crafting email marketing messages and campaigns which convert.  These campaigns are then scheduled and loaded with lots of relevant and interesting content..

This is what digital marketing companies in Gurgaon do

Is India the New HI Tech Capital of the World – As is evident, digital marketing is a broad area which encompasses many fields and task.  What makes it unique and interesting is the fact that it can be used to target buyers in any industry.  The best digital marketing companies in Gurgaon hire talented and experienced professionals to do this work!


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