I m feeling playful

I m feeling playful

I m feeling playful – If you are an iPhone user you must have known about the I’m curious button on the iPhone that Google has given. And if you are a Google user on any device, you might have noticed the i m feeling lucky button on the search engine’s home page.

When we are on Google’s home page, we see the log of Google in the center with a long tab of the search query where our question goes. And right below this tab, there are two click on tabs. One of them says Google search and the other one says I’m feeling lucky.

So, we always put in our query and tab the first button that says Google search or simply press enter for the search to begin. Most of us haven’t pressed that button saying I’m feeling lucky. Do you know what that is or have you pressed that button to check what is under that? 

When you press that button saying I’m feeling lucky, you will be taken to a whole new page that has the collection of almost all the Google doodles with the latest ones displayed in the first page itself.

I m feeling playful

I m feeling playful
I m feeling playful

It is such a beautiful world altogether where you would want to spend some time and look at those artistic doodles. Some doodles are just the pictures and some are in video format. They are all so fun and informative. You wouldn’t want to skip that page and return back to your search because it is highly addictive.

I m feeling playful – There is a tab for language so you can change your language preferences to see the doodles in another language. The catch here is that doodles and the information that is displayed with them remain the same, just the language is changed. So, if you switch to Hindi and you feel you will get all the Indian related doodles, then that is not the case. 

All these doodles have information with them. For example, one doodle showing the first day of school in Singapore. There will be a text written about it with a tab called more doodle details of that particular event.

So, this way you can know more about the information. There is also a search tab called the search doodles where you could search the doodles by typing the information in. It is a never ending page and all the doodles with the dates follow there. So, it is quite time taking to go through them all. But, ya that one is fun. 

I m feeling playful

I m feeling playful
I m feeling playful

Google has brought a new touch to this button by introducing some additions to it like I’m feeling a playful button, I’m feeling a trendy button, and so on. This is done to categories the doodles in various moods. So, whatever mood people are in or want to search the doodles in, can do it this way. 

A list of the other options that are available for the I’m lucky button are as follows:

I’m Feeling Doodly and a random doodle page appears 

I m Feeling Playful that opens a random interactive doodle 

I’m Feeling Hungry opens up a list of restaurants near you 

I’m Feeling Artistic shows up the random Google art project 

I’m Feeling Stellar will give you the image search for Orion and Nebula 

I’m Feeling Trendy will show you all the hot trends of Google at that moment 

I’m Feeling Puzzled opens up a page for a random A Google A Day question 

I’m Feeling Wonderful shows the random world wonder project 

Well, this was invented or added as a new feature by Google after seeing a post by Jerome Flipo on Google+. But, this wasn’t the first time when Google was doing something like this and have created an alternative for the I’m feeling lucky button.

I m feeling playful – In 2009, it also used a button to show the New year’s countdown. This name was then changed to I’m feeling steering lucky in April 2012 as a part of an April fool’s joke. In 2010, as a tribute to the epic and classic game Pacman and named it Insert coin. 

So, how many Google moods have you seen or played with? Go check that right now to see what you see today. Trust us, it is everything fun. 


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