How to write advertisement

How to write advertisement

How to write advertisement – How many times it has happened to you that you simply buy a product or are willing to buy a product because the ad headline was damn catchy? The copy writers of the brand give in all their efforts to curate the best catchy ad lines so that people who read it picture themselves in the product they are selling and it turns into the leads.

Another thing about the great ad headlines is that it stays in the minds of the customers for the longest time resulting in the good image of the brand.

If you are new in the copy writing business or are a brand owner who designs its own ads then we tell you how to write advertisements effectively that would yield the best results. 

How to write advertisement

How to write advertisement
How to write advertisement
  1. Always include the keywords precisely your brand name in the ads 
  2. Ask questions through the ad headlines because they are the best conversions and the conversion rates tend to go higher with this. 
  3. Through the ad headlines, always try to solve the problems of the customers. You can go like, ask a question and give the answer to it in the form of generating leads immediately. 
  4. It is always good to add a little bit of humour in the ad headline. Humour sticks to the mind of the customers and potential customers for the longest time. 
  5. Don’t talk about your product before talking about the benefit it can give and the problem that it can solve for the customers. No one is interested in your product until it solves their problem
  6. Use enough empathy on your ads because if your ads seem to be more useful and connected with the users then they instantly get attracted towards you. 
  7. It is good to be fancy with the rhymes and lyrical notes but also simple language with the simple word always works. 
  8. Keep the character limit of 25 characters in notice and make use of it by creating something good within that itself. 
  9. Always and no matter what always refrain from claiming false promises to your customers and potential customers. 
  10. Do not make grammatical errors of any kind at all. 
How to write advertisement
How to write advertisement


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