How to use Google

How to use Google

How to use Google – Google is one of the finest search engine which is widely used by a lot of people across the world weather he is a musician, a developer or what not. Every single person who use internet widely go via google search engine.

Using google search engine is not a big deal, one just have to follow simple steps and can get results very easily, this can be achieved as:

How to use Google

  1. Open any browser like in general computer make Microsoft internet explorer as default, while in apple you will deal with safari, you can also use google chrome to search or any one of them. Just type google in the search bar tab or you can go to this website and will find a google icon along with its search tab below it.
  2. Now when you reached to the google search tab you can search the thing or any topic whose information you want to have or what you want to know about.
  3. When you have type the topic which you want to discover, along with the tab, under you will find a lot of searches related to it comes automatically and on the right side there comes a line of I am feeling lucky, on clicking on the most relevant search sentence you can go to the document and can easily reach out the content.
  4. After the relevant content of your web page, you will find a series of searches under the pge under the section you may also like, gives you some more relevant or most searched keywords in the browser which might be of your work or might not.
  5. Hence you did the google search very easily and use google.

How to use Google

along with this search feature google includes a lot more new features to help the users and feel them most special and comfortable like google maps, google assistance, google drive, google analytics, mini home, backup and its sync feature, my maps, bookmarks and review etc. its  so simple to use them by following ways as listed below:

# Google assistance

How to use Google – It is a kind of your guide and helper in the form of a device. You can activate your Google Assistant then just follow these steps. You can activate the voice commands by saying any of the command below

“Ok Google”
 “Okay Google”
“Hey Google” Or simply press and hold “Home” button.

How to use Google

How to use Google
How to use Google

You can use it for many functions like:

To call someone. To message someone. To know the latest or updated news.To set an alarm. To know the answer to any general question. To calculate any figure.To find the nearby restaurants or ATM/Banks. And whatever you can think off which is in =form of any guide.

#Google drive

Google Drive is one of the leading cloud-based storage currently in use as of today that is offered by Google. Google drive has the same function as OneDrive and DropBox where you can store any types of files that you can access anywhere and everywhere for as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Only, Google Drive is one step better because of its ability to allow you to create and edit Documents, Spreadsheets, and PowerPoint Presentation. Use Google Drive with multiple devices but take care of Cloud Data Security.

How to use Google – Use Google Drive same time with various devices with fast sync of data upload and download

 -Always activate 2-factor authentication to secure login from anywhere

 – Free storage up to 10 GB, Great working in Mobile device

 -Google Files, Google Photos, Google Chat, etc

-Provides a most secured platform

#Google Maps

In any city or in any country you can use your online guide to show your path and regarding all the local restaurants and guides etc. to help you live anywhere with all best possible ways .

You can simply use you google maps by using google map app which is already installed in your phone, it will detect your  live locations , and will show you which you have searched in your search tab and easily helps out.

#Google analytics

Google Analytics is a free Web analytics set that provides statistics and basic analytical tool for search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing purpose.

How to use Google
How to use Google

How to use Google – The service is available to anyone with Google account. Google bought Urchin Software Corporation in April 2005 and used that company’s Urchin product as the basis for its current service.

Google analytics features include:

• Data visualisation tools including a dashboard, scorecards and motion charts, which display changes in data over time.

• Email-based sharing and communication.

• Custom reports.

• Integration with different Google products, such as AdWords, Public Data Explorer and Website Optimizer. Google Analytics is geared toward small and medium-sized retail websites

And many other features you can visit and use from google.


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