How to remove your name in Google search

How to remove your name in Google search

How to remove your name in Google search – Let’s be honest, we have all at least once Googled about ourselves. Even if we aren’t celebrities, famous personalities, or anyone big out there whose information will be there on Google but we have Googled ourselves to check what is out there about us. This is nothing but just a normal human curiosity.

Even in a lot of interviews, we have also heard celebrities confessing about them Googling themselves. They are even curious to know what Google has in store for them.

Okay, now let’s come back to our scenario in this case. We, the normal people, do not have Wikipedia page so definitely our name search will not land in that zone.

Instead when we search about us typing our name, we land to our Facebook profile, Instagram profile, and everywhere else where we are on the internet. But, what if we do not want to be on the Internet randomly? So, how to remove your name in Google search?

Before jumping directly to the point, let us give you a little backstory of what we are talking about. Most of us in this digital era are on different social media platforms or at least just one social media platform.

How to remove your name in Google search

How to remove your name in Google search
How to remove your name in Google search

When we have registered on any social media platform, we put enough of our details. Using these details, Google keeps information about us in some form. For example, if you are on Facebook and you have created a Facebook account adding all your personal details then Google also has that information from Facebook.

So, if anyone has to search anything about you, he will simply type your name on Google’s search engine and Google will show him your Facebook profile suggestion if there isn’t anything else about you.

If you have a common name then it will display a list of all the possible people who are there on Facebook and you have to search yourself from there. If anyone is searching for you through the internet, they can find you this way.

It can happen through Instagram, Pinterest, google reviews, blogs, and any medium. Google indexes all the websites and the web pages to store the information in it from all the sources available on the internet. 

But, what if you don’t want this thing to happen? What if you don’t want Google to show your information publicly? Even if you are on different social media platforms and you want to keep that private just for your friends and family then what do you do? All you have to do is keep your social media private using the different social media privacy settings.

Hence, if you don’t want to showcase your name on Google through these media, then make sure you have enabled all the privacy settings on all the social media platforms. In that case, Google might not display your information out in public.

How to remove your name in Google search

How to remove your name in Google search
How to remove your name in Google search

Apart from the social media platforms, there are other mediums too like Google reviews, Google maps, blogger, etc where there may be information about you that you have no access to removed but you would want to get it removed.

In that case, you can consult the website or the web page owner to get the details about you removed. If the person is ready to remove, it is well and great, but if the person doesn’t remove the information, you can directly request Google to remove your details.

This is how to remove your name in Google search. You will have to make sure that there is information on the internet to let Google remove it for you. If the site owner has removed that information from their site then again Google will re crawl to check if there is information or not, then it will index those pages without your information. 

How to remove your name in Google search

There are other Google products like the Google phone book, Google groups, blogger, Google maps, Google street view, and Google video and Youtube where there might be information about us. To remove the personal information from these products of Google, there are different steps to follow. 

These were some of the ways on how to remove your name in Google search. 


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