Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing – Guerrilla marketing is a new form of marketing that is way better than the traditional marketing. the first is focused on the creativity and original thinking. This kind of marketing is known to beat out the big budgets with the help of imagination and ingenuity.

Though it is faster and way better but it is also totally cheaper than the traditional marketing. It is best suited for the small and medium sized businesses to expand their business. This kind of marketing is used to market their products and services without investing a lot of money on advertisements. 

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing

Here are some of the pros and cons of guerrilla marketing. 


  • Gives room for creative marketing – The most important thing of guerrilla marketing is that it involves a lot of creativity and imagination. So, you can be really creative and not spend enough money into this marketing. 
  • It is extremely cheap to Execute – As we said, Guerrilla marketing is cheap to execute. You can use things like stencil art or the giant sticker to create some effective marketing campaigns. 
  • Publicity is the Key – To make this marketing more effective, you have to do correct publicity of it. 
  • It easily grows with the word of mouth – One of the success features of this kind of marketing is that it easily grows with the word of mouth. The word of mouth is considered as a very powerful tool to grow the business with this kind of marketing


  • There can be confusion about the messages that are misunderstood – If there is a lack of clarity in the messages that are being told through this marketing, a lot of confusion can be created. This is the only con of the guerrilla marketing. 

The conclusion is that Guerrilla marketing is a creative section of the big marketing world. It is quite unconventional that means that the marketing examples that you would be seeing are the real world examples that you spot everywhere.

Guerrilla Marketing

Some of the examples of the guerrilla marketing include viral videos, publicity stunts, and stencil graffiti. You will not even realist the things that are being marketed through this strategy that is around you. 


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