5 Ways to Grow Your Cannabis Brand with Digital Marketing

Grow Your Cannabis Brand with Digital Marketing

Grow Your Cannabis Brand with Digital Marketing – The cannabis industry is experiencing rapid growth thanks to the ongoing legislature amendments.

Even with only a dozen places fully legalizing cannabis, studies indicate that the money spent by marijuana users worldwide will hit around $11 billion before the year ends and $23 billion by 2022.

This opens up a door full of opportunities for prospects and existing cannabis retailers. However, growing a successful cannabis brand online requires optimal marketing strategies. 

Grow Your Cannabis Brand with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing of cannabis and related products is the next frontier if you are planning to launch or promote your marijuana brand online.

With millions of people using their smartphones and PCs to shop online and engage in social media platforms, there is no better place to market your cannabis brand. Here is a brief look at five ways you can use digital marketing to grow your cannabis business.

5 Ways to Grow Your Cannabis Brand with Digital Marketing

#1 Social Media Marketing

Grow Your Cannabis Brand with Digital Marketing
Grow Your Cannabis Brand with Digital Marketing

While other methods for promoting your cannabis brand exist, social media remains the most effective method available. Mostly, this is because it enables you to contact large masses of people.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Tweeter offer advertising opportunities that you can use. For instance, Instagram has installed a new in-app purchase feature that presents its users with a near-virtual mall.

Grow Your Cannabis Brand with Digital Marketing – The feature enables users to receive automatic shopping feeds based on their preferences and interests. Using this Instagram to promote your marijuana brand will definitely increase traffic to your website while saving costs.

You can also opt for organic advertising, which involves promoting your brand directly to the client using trending topics and hashtags.

Grow Your Cannabis Brand with Digital Marketing

Facebook also recently lifted its drug ban, and retailers are now at liberty to post cannabis-based content to their pages. You can create a social media page to interact with prospects or even use them for customer service.

#2 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Both local and global SEO is essential for the success of any online business. As e-commerce, a website is probably inevitable at this point. It is crucial to plan your link building on cannabis websites and position yourself as one of the authority cannabis companies in the region.

You can use backlinks from other credible websites or blogs to direct more traffic to your cannabis site.

Backlinks to your site vouch for your website as they give “votes of confidence” during the search engine optimization. You should ensure that your website or blog offers high-quality information, cannabis content, and experience.

It is also essential to optimize your website for the search engines and make sure it is easily accessible and ranks highly for keywords specific to your business.

#3 Online Influencers

Grow Your Cannabis Brand with Digital Marketing
Grow Your Cannabis Brand with Digital Marketing

Marketing marijuana online requires a mass following to push your message effectively. The priority is to build a robust online presence and following. However, this can take a lot of time to achieve. The easiest approach is to find online influencers that already have a massive following. You can use them to sensitize your cannabis brand across different platforms. 

Grow Your Cannabis Brand with Digital Marketing

However, you must consider each influencer’s subscription costs and reputation before you contract them. When searching for an online influencer, choose on those who have original content, organic and engaging relationships with the public, and consistently posts credible material. Also, decide on an influencer who creates powerful and sensitive cannabis content and has an account that complies with existing terms.

#4 APPS and SMS messages

Using default text messaging technology and APPS to market your cannabis brand is another efficient, affordable option you have.

Apps present a convenient platform to set up your marijuana campaigns with push notifications, promo sales, and reminders. Studies reveal that more than 90% of phone users keep them within their arm’s reach and take less than 5 minutes to read an incoming text message or notification. 

However, text messaging is strictly under the jurisdiction of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). TPCA allows telemarketing through SMS text and voice calls, but the consumer must give explicit permissions by opting in or out of the services at will.  

#5 Sponsored Ads and PPC


PPC (pay per click) and sponsored search engine advertisements are another effective way to grow your cannabis brand. Sponsored ads allow your business to show up on results for specific keywords.

Ads appear at the top section of the results, so it will be easy for prospects to see your business. Sponsored ads are high-performing and can quickly increase your brand’s awareness. You can use them on multiple platforms, including search engines like Google and Bing, social media like Youtube and Facebook, as well as other sites.


Grow Your Cannabis Brand with Digital Marketing – There are several other ways to approach digital marketing, including Dig affiliate marketing, guest posts, sponsored newsletters, and local directories, among others.

It is upon you to decide on the most effective method depending on your unique requirements. You can also try out different ways to determine which techniques are more effective and which ones need improvement or abandonment. 


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