What is Googlebot desktop

What is Googlebot desktop

Googlebot desktop – Googlebot desktop is an upgraded rich results testing tool by Google. Google has crawlers and Googlebot is a general name for two different types of crawlers. One is the desktop crawler that is used to stimulate the desktop and one is the mobile crawler that stimulates the user on mobile devices.

Both of these crawlers obey the same product token in the robots. The newly upgraded rich results testing tool was added to let the SEO experts and the developers see how Google sees the rich results between the Googlebot desktop and Google bot mobile. 

A website is not the same on the mobiles and on the website. What we mean to say about this is that the versions of the same website are different on the website and on the mobiles. In simpler words, how a website looks on the desktop and on the mobiles, it is entirely different in the format.

What is Googlebot desktop

What is Googlebot desktop
What is Googlebot desktop

The mobiles do not have that much of the screen space like the laptops hence the versions of the website have to be different. A lot of websites are desktop friendly because that is the must. But, not all the websites out there are mobile friendly.

You might have seen websites that do not work so great on the mobiles and the reason is they are not friendly to the mobile world. This is where a lot of websites lack their customers as they are unable to access the websites on the mobiles. Think from your perspective to understand this concept.

Would you browse a website on phone if it is slow or doesn’t load properly or if it takes forever to show you one piece of product. You wouldn’t right? Hence, it becomes important for the websites to be mobile friendly these days in the smartphone dominant world. 

If you are an SEO expert then you need to know what are the reasons for using this. There could be a problem with the site being good with the mobile devices because the website may not have been moved to the mobile first indexing.

It could be because of the structured data and the rich results might differ from its mobile and desktop pages. This is simply an addition to the tool that lets one clearly see how Google sees this markup on your pages when it is accessed through the desktop Googlebot or mobile Googlebot.

The official statement by Google on the same topic was “The new functionality will help you review your structured data implementation using both user agents to prepare for mobile-first indexing.

” The SEOs and the digital marketers should care about this tip because with this feature or with this Google defaulting indexing to mobile indexing on the July 1st and over 50% of indexing is now done first on the mobile indexing.

Through this Google is giving out a lot more tools to see what problems are there in the site when it is on the mobile or on the mobile versions.

This is going to help the sites that are yet to become more friendly. And along with that it will also help the sites that have already moved monitor the impact of the future changes. 

There are a lot of sites that are not mobile friendly and people these days browse everything on their mobiles so it becomes important for those websites to be more mobile friendly than desktop friendly.

What is Googlebot desktop
What is Googlebot desktop

Hardly people have time these days to browse websites on the desktop. Mobiles or rather the smartphones are the next world for us these days and everything must happen on the mobiles. So, it becomes extremely essential for the websites to be mobile friendly. This is what this tool of the Googlebot desktop is going to help. 


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