Google Trending Searches

Google Trending Searches

Google Trending Searches – Google Trends is a service that is launched by Google since 2006. This one is used to see how popular search terms have been on Google over time. It is basically a search trend feature by Google. Through this one can check how many times a search has been made on Google.

It shows how frequently a term has been put in the Google search engine. The Google trends can be used to do the comparisons of the keywords and the searches of various websites. It also triggers the keyword search volume.

Google Trending Searches

It is used to provide the keyword related data including the geographical information along with the search volume index. 

In simple words, through the Google trends, you can see the Google trending searches and also see how popular the websites are. You can check this with the related demographic information as estimated by Google.

Google Trending Searches
Google Trending Searches

You just have to visit the Google Trends tool and from there you can see what are the current trending things on Google. You can find out all the google trending searches over there. You see a list of the Google trending searches there and you can tap on any of the link there. Through there, you can get more information about that particular topic. 

You can also do one thing on the Google trends. If you wish to find out about a particular topic then just write about that topic in the search. You will see all the information and the trending searches about it and how that has varied over time.

For better information and fine grained data, you can filter it more by changing the date, time, location, category, industry, and also the type of the search. One can search about any topic through refining the web, news, Youtube, and shopping. 

Now if you think what good does the Google trends do to you, then let me tell you that Google trends is great for marketers. If you have any kind of seasonal business then you would want to know how to increase your business sales during the peak seasons.

For example, if you run crash course institutions then you will have to see how well your business does during a season and what has worked for you over the years. So, when there are spikes in the search volume in the Google trends, your CPC in the Adwords will be higher. There you will need to allocate more budget to your Adwords spend when the business is trending. 

Here are the different marketing purposes for which Google trends can be helpful. 

  1. For SEO and content marketing, you can use the Google trends to what are the things people in your target area are focusing on and searching about. In this scenario, you can write about the trending topics. This will help you drive traffic to the website. 
  2. In the paid search, you can make use of the Google trends to inform the seasonal campaigns. This will help with cost planning and also in inventory stocking. In the paid search, you can also use the Google trends to find the negative keyword set by finding the irrelevant trending terms. Negative keywords are also good to prepare the cost budget for yourself. 
  3. And also you can use the Google trends to inspire your ad creative. You can see what topics are trending for capturing the public imagination. This basically means including a reference of a topic trending into the ad creative. So, you can search for a trending topic say a latest music and put its reference in the mailing list, Facebook ad, and even in the radio ad to increase the ad’s engagement. 

Just after the launch of the Google trends in 2006, the Google Hot trends was launched in 2007 as its sub section. This one is even better and it shows the hottest searches on Google on the hourly basis.

Google Trending Searches
Google Trending Searches

Google Trending Searches – This one is even better than the Google trends because you get to have more refined information through this. Whatever information you want to get in terms of the Google trends and Google trending topics you can get through this in an even better way on an hourly basis. 


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