Google search easter eggs

Google search easter eggs

Google search easter eggs – Google is a renowned search engine platform which is a world-wide know fact. It is the most used search engine platform across the world. But, along with all the achievements and the milestones that Google has in its name, Google is also known for its fun and lighter side.

Haven’t you seen the Google logo change whenever there is an event of a festival or some special person’s birthday? Google does this in the form of an ode to certain days or to certain people and also to bring some element of fun out there amongst its users. 

Google search easter eggs

Google search easter eggs
Google search easter eggs

Recently, Google has included it’s Easter eggs as a part of its 20th celebration. So, what are these Easter eggs on Google and what is the use of these virtual Easter eggs? There was a big list of the Easter eggs that were included by the Google engineers having the hidden meaning for the enterprising searchers who would give some of their time to hunt these down.

So, according to wikipedia, a virtual Easter egg is an egg that has a hidden message intentionally in form of a joke, or a computer program, video game, book, movie, crossword, or anything. 

It is difficult most of the time to find the difference between the classic Easter egg in which something is hidden in the form of a work to hunt down.

Sometimes, Google also has special features in the Easter eggs to specify someone’s birthday or a notable event. There are a lot of transient Easter eggs that have been turned on to coincide with the holiday celebrations.

For example, when a user makes a search query on Google about Xmas or Christmas then this search would be triggered with a string of colourful lights just below the search bar. And if you search for Hanukkah during that time then you will see a list of stars of David under the search bar.

Google search easter eggs

And during the same time period when you search for Kwanzaa, you will see a string of Kinara candles under the search bar. This makes everything so much more fun. These are not the permanent Easter eggs by Google but they come for different occasions.

There is more focus on the permanent Easter eggs as they can be found at any time of the year for different suggestions and queries. 

Google search easter eggs
Google search easter eggs

Google Easter eggs are super funny and clever most of the time. But, there are some Google easter eggs that would require some specialised knowledge. 

Here is a list of the Google search Easter eggs:

  1. Search for Askew
  2. Search for Recursion
  3. Search for do a barrel roll
  4. Search for Zerg rush
  5. Search for the answer to life the universe and everything 
  6. Search for text adventure
  7. Search for Conway’s game of life
  8. Search for define anagram
  9. Search for anagram
  10. Search for Bletchley park

Google calculator Easter eggs are:

  1. Search for once in a blue moon

Some self explanatory Easter eggs are:

  1. Search for flip a coin
  2. Search for roll a dice
  3. Search for blink html
  4. Search for spinner
  5. Search for metronome 

Some retired Google maps Easter eggs:

  1. Walking directions: China to Japan
  2. Walking directions : The Shire to Mordor 

There is also an Easter egg called the 2019 periodic table of the SEO factors

The Third party Google Easter eggs:

There are third party Google Easter eggs that shows that Google is not the only one creating Google easter eggs. Google’s expense had also created some Google easter eggs back in 2013. Those were:

Google search easter eggs

  1. Google Space – This is where the Google homepage meets the angry birds
  2. Google Sphere – What it says
  3. Google Gravity – This one collapses the Google homepage as it it were caught in a black hole.

One thing for sure is that Google will keep on releasing these Easter eggs and you will always find access to them throughout. At the search engine land, you will find enough coverage of them. If you will try to find out about the Christmas time Easter eggs, you will get them at this time too. 


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