Google Pacman Doodle

Google Pacman Doodle

Google Pacman Doodle – Pacman is one of the most loved games out there. In 2010, Google started a version of Pac Man that is playable on the homepage of Google.

This was done by Google because Pacman turned 30 and it was its 30th anniversary. Google made a special page for two days in that year just for playing Pacman.

There was also a feature that allowed you to keep the Google Pacman on their site as a third party solution. The languages that are written in Google Pacman’s version are Javascript, and HTML. Flash is also used only for sound.

Google Pacman Doodle


Google Pacman

There is no idea and there is no calculation of how many people have played this version of Google Pacman. Google said that as many stars are there in the universe, that could be the number of the Google Pacman players online on Google platform on those two days.

The reason for so many people to play this game because the game automatically started on the platform and even the people who didn’t want to play, played. 

There was not a leader screen or the scoreboard in the public open platform. Also, Google isn’t logging any of the scores. However, one can see their own scores and screenshot it to compare with their friends. The most interesting part over here is that only two out of countless people have reached the end of the game.

The end level was the kill screen level. But, they could not prove it that they have reached the end because taking a screenshot of the kill screen page could be taken from anywhere else. 

Google Pacman Doodle
Google Pacman Doodle

In the original Google Pacman Doodle screen, if the person reaches the 256th level, half of the screen didn’t render properly. Then you ought to lose because you were not able to navigate properly. Google Pacman also did the same thing.

Also, the Google version could be played with two people by hitting the insert coin button twice. 

It was one of the hottest things done by Google that was immensely loved by people. Google Pacman got love and traction worldwide. 


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