Google Keyword Toolbox

Google Keyword Toolbox

Google Keyword Toolbox – For the SEOs and digital marketers, keywords play a very important role. Their life revolves around the correct keywords and the usage of them in the correct places. Of course most of the digital marketing revolves around the correct keywords and the marketing around the correct keywords.

There are so many free and paid keyword tools available out there to take help from. Among the hundreds of the keyword tools out there, one of the most famous keyword tools is the Google keyword toolbox. This tool is known to offer a lot of amazing options of great keywords from across the web that will highly help all your campaigns.

When it comes to providing the best keyword data, it helps you with the ad group ideas, related search terms, keyword suggestions, and even the keyword trend data. The only drawback about the Google keyword toolbox is that it can be accessed only if you have an Adwords account. If you don’t have this account, you cannot use the Google keyword toolbox. 

Google Keyword Toolbox

Google Keyword Toolbox
Google Keyword Toolbox

So, if you don’t have an Adwords account then the best alternative for you is the Wordstream keyword tool. It is called as keyword suggestion tool that is a free one by Wordstream. Anyone can use this. No matter if you are searching the keywords for SEO or PPC, you will get yourself covered by using the free Google suggestion tool. 

Using the tool is pretty simple. You can refine the industry as well so that you get better refined results in terms of the keyword. For example, if you refine it to hotel industry, you will get the best keywords for the hotel industry.

You will get all the popular keywords from this tool. The best part is that it gives the long tail keywords as well. It comes with their monthly estimated search volume in Google. They help you with a lot of keywords and still if you wish to get the entire list of keywords then you can mail them and request them to send the entire keyword list in the mail. 

Now, if you will think what if you have an Adwords account. If you have an Adwords account then also you can use this tool. You can connect your Google Adwords account through a very safe OAuth connection.

Google Keyword Toolbox

Google Keyword Toolbox
Google Keyword Toolbox

Through this, they will provide personalised results that are tailored perfectly for your business. You don’t have to spend hours searching for the best keyword. You can simply get the best tailored keywords for your business and you can grow. 

The paid search advertising through this includes:

  • CPC – An estimate of the average cost per click of each keyword in Google AdWords.
  • Competition Level – Through this you can understand how competitive your keywords are. If you see a higher competition level then it responds to higher cost per click. 


  • Opportunity Score – It is a proprietary metric. Hence, this easily helps you to find and identify the keywords that have the highest potential to drive the results. Through this you can priorities the search marketing efforts. 


The best combination for marketers is the combination of the Google keyword planner tool and the Wordstream’s free keyword tool. These combined have a greater control over their keyword advertising strategies. Using these you can also see greater return on investment from their advertising budget. 

Along with the best keyword, it is also important for you to find out negative keywords for your brand. And this tool also helps you to find the negative keywords for all the track records for your business.

A lot of digital marketers do take the negative keywords for granted thinking them to be not so important. But, it is really very important. They are important for the success of the PPC campaigns. The negative keywords are the ones where your ads should not appear alongside.

This is really helpful to reduce the excess wasteful budget. With the negative keywords listed in front of you, you don’t need to waste your money on the non converting keyword searches. This can be done easily from the keywords tab of the main Adwords interface. The AdWords allows you to add negatives at either the ad group or campaign level. 


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