Google homepage app for android

Google homepage app for android

Google homepage app for android – Let us see you in this blog and take you through the Google homepage app for android. 

The Google Assistant – The first thing that pops up in the Google homepage app for android is the google assistant. Here, you can see and meet the google assistant. The Google assistant is there to make our lives easier.

All we have to do here is ask questions to Google and Google’s assistant will answer all of our questions. There is a mike button that constantly asks us ‘Hi, how can I help?’ Pressing that and asking the questions to Google will make Google assistant do some work and answer the questions.

Google homepage app for android – If you have asked some direct questions, you can get the direct answers from Google. But, if you answer some detailed questions then the answers will be given by Google via links of the best articles that answers your questions. It is your personal Google that will answer all of your questions. 

Google homepage app for android
Google homepage app for android

Google homepage app for android

The next thing on the product page shows all the Product news. There are a lot of product news explained here like the Maps, G suite, Googlers, Google lens, education, and search. All of these sub topics have been described in complete detail. 

The next section is the search and explore section. In the search section, one can find out about everything that they want to search. You can ask questions in this section and get answers of all of them right here in this section.

The next section is the Maps section. In this section, one can find the location of any place through the GPS and maps.

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Through the maps, you can do so many things like explore your neighborhood, get the information about the real time traffic, and also find the things about the places you are going for the first time. This is the best feature provided by Google that has helped us in making our lives easier.

Another section in this feature is the translate section. You can Speak, scan, type, or draw to translate in over 100 languages. This is the best feature if you are travelling to some other country whose common language is different than yours, then the Google translator can help you. It is the best way in the world in which you can keep the communication easy and alive. 

The chrome section on the Google homepage for android is a fast and a simple browser for all the devices which is also extremely secure. The next section after this is the watch and play section. The first section is the YouTube music. It is an app by Youtube and it is an easy new music streaming app.

Chrome cast is the new section. In this app, you can stream music, movies, and more things of entertainment through your TV. Google play movies and TV shows you all the newest releases, all your favorites that you have shortlisted, and all of them on your TV. The main Youtube app is the next section in this one where one can see the videos that go live on Youtube. 

Google homepage app for android

Then we move onto learn about the devices made by Google. The first device is the pixel which is a smart phone by Google and it has all the best features out there in any other smartphone. It also offers the best features of Google all at one place. Connected Home is the next device by Google that has introduced the Google Nest and it is basically a digital home that has made our lives easier.

Pixel slate is another device which is a laptop by Google and it is a very thoughtful and a modern device by Google. Google wifi is another Google device which is basically a wifi system that is known to give you fast and reliable coverage in every possible room.

The use everywhere things or the devices by Google also has a huge list. The first one in that list is the Android OS which is a platform that gets better every day.

OS by Google is another device by it that is basically a watch. It is a smartwatch that can track fitness, help you stay ahead, and also help you stay connected.

Chromebook is another laptop by Google that is speed, secure, and a very smart device by Google. It runs the Chrome OS software. The last device is the Android Auto that is for navigation, voice actions, and for the music now in the cars.

Google homepage app for android

Google homepage app for android
Google homepage app for android

The next section is the Talk and Text section which is the very basic section and has all the features like the Gmail, Messages, Google Duo, and Hangouts Chat. To stay organised, they have products like contacts, Google photos, keep, and calendar.

To work smart and be faster by having the sync of all the files at one place, Google has sheets, docs, slides, and drive. To grow your business online on the biggest search engine that is Google, there are Google ads, analytics, adsense, and Google my business. 


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