Google game Easter eggs

Google game Easter eggs

Google game Easter eggs –  What are Google game Easter eggs? Before knowing this, let me tell you what all things Google does for you? You know Google ass the biggest search engine in the world that gives you answers for everything.

You just have to think of a question and no matter what topic and what genre, the answer to your every question is with Google. We know Google about this. This is the biggest feature of Google too to answer all the searches in the best possible way to make everyone satisfied to take Google’s help.

In India and USA, Google is the biggest and the most popular search engine. There are various other alternatives of Google like Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, etc but Google beats them all. It is a world-wide popular search engine. 

But, apart from being a search engine, Google has a lot of products to help us in our daily lives. The google app store, google maps, google geotags, google business listing, etc are the products of Google that we are talking about. Google does a lot of things and the reason for this is that it has introduced Alphabet, few years back, as the parent company of Google.

The aim to introduce this parent company was to take care of all the things and products of Google and let Google just be a search engine for what it was introduced. 

Along with all the major things that Google does for us, there is a fun side of Google too that is there for the users to remain entertained. You must have seen some fun things on Google like the change in Google’s font or logo when it is some special day or someone’s famous birthday.

Google game Easter eggs

Google game Easter eggs
Google game Easter eggs

This is done by Google to keep people entertained, give them an information about a particular event or day from round the world, and give an ode in this form to that people or the event.

Google also does some Doodle things on it that are popular and there are various Google doodle events to celebrate the doodle art. Google also has a Google word coach app which is a vocabulary game for all the users. This game pops up whenever someone searches for a word meaning on Google.

The aim of this game is to help the users increase their vocabulary game and let them learn new words. So, these were some of the fun things that Google does. One another thing that is entirely fun that Google does is introducing Google game Easter eggs.

Google game Easter eggs 

Google game Easter eggs
Google game Easter eggs

Google has a lot of Google game Easter eggs hidden in all its products to show some hidden human side to them. There are various Easter eggs of Google that are there on Google and if you search for them you will be able to play some games on Google.

Be it the hidden games, fun moments, or the surprises hidden behind these Easter eggs within the software to make you smile and bring some fun side to the regular browsing. This is a form of reward to the users to make them excited about the little things that are hidden.

Think about a surprise that is hidden behind your planner from your colleague or family member to find you out of nowhere just to make you smile. This is what Google does through the Easter eggs. 

Here are some of the Easter eggs that are the most intriguing. The Easter eggs are the virtual Easter eggs that have a lot of surprises in them. One of the fun Google game Easter eggs is ‘atari breakout’.

If you type this Easter egg name then again a classic video game will get displayed online. The image results become the bricks and you would have to eliminate those bricks while playing. 

Some cool Google game Easter eggs are:

  1. Blink html – Typing this on Google will make the bold text blink
  2. Do a barrel roll – Typing this will flip 360 degrees for the search results, a nod to Nintendo’s Star fox games.
  3. Askew – Typing this will tilt your SERPs
  4. Pacman – Typing Google Pacman will display the Pacman game 
  5. Google 1998 – Typing this will show the Google 1998 style 


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