Google courses for Digital Marketing

Google courses for Digital Marketing

Google courses for Digital Marketing – This is the age of unconventional careers. These days, people are looking to option for different types of careers. One of the most unconventional career choices these days is digital marketing.

The rise of digital businesses these days has given rise to this career opportunity. Each business is striving to have its online presence in the digital era. Here comes the need of digital marketing to make these businesses come in the limelight.

Google courses for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a full term professional course that is given by Google and other platforms. The digital certification comes from Google. If a person becomes a digital marketer, he/she gets a degree from the university they have done their course from and also from Google if they give the exam.

Google courses for Digital Marketing – The Google courses for digital marketing teaches various niches of the digital world like the Search Engines, Search Marketing, and Paid Advertising to Social Media, and Mobile Marketing to Analytics and more. 

The different Google courses for digital marketing are listed below. All of these courses are different from each other. 

Introduction to Google courses for Digital Marketing

Google courses for Digital Marketing
Google courses for Digital Marketing

1 Google digital unlocked course 

This course helps the digital marketers with the entire overview of the digital marketing course with the key concepts of digital marketing and vocabulary. There are various channels in digital marketing like social media, search engines, and email.

You can learn the entire digital marketing from this course and this is the one stop solution to learn all the things here. This course is for free and is best for the job seekers. This course helps you with understanding the practical aspect of Digital Marketing learning. 

  1. Adwords Fundamental Course 

The ads are very important in the course of digital marketing. There is a lot to learn these days about digital marketing. This course has information about the ads and the adwords.

The fundamentals of this exam are adwords exam study guide, Google academy for ads, adwords refresher guide, guide to adwords success, how to build the best keyword list, building relevant ads with ad extensions, campaign settings, and 3 steps to budget smarts. 

  1. Search Advertising Course 

This course and the modules in this one will help the students to build up a solid comprehension of search advertising optimisation. The modules in this study are search refresher guide, search advertising exam study guide, and introduction to remarketing lists for search ads. 

  1. Display Advertising Course 

This course helps you with contacting the individuals while they’re going through their most loved sites, demonstrating a companion YouTube video, analyzing their Gmail record, or utilizing mobile applications and sites.

The modules and the courses involved in this one are exam study guide, refresher guide, display settings, introduction to remarketing, and setting up remarketing. 

  1. Mobile Advertising course 

One can understand the mobile ad campaign methodologies with the best practices. The exam study guide, refresher guide, and the mobile ads are the courses to do in this one. 

  1. Video Advertising Course 

To make real association with the potential clients, videos work the best. This is one of those courses of digital marketing where one can understand the significance of the videos, do surveys on how the video campaigns work, and also offer best practises for the video promotions. Along with the exam study guide and the refresher guide, the course has types of video ads, selling adwords for videos, how to make video ads. 

  1. Shopping Advertising Course 

The work of the Shopping advertising campaigns is to put your product images, cost, and business name directly before the individuals, hunting down for what you offer on Google.

In this course, the students can understand the creation and the administration of the Google merchant center account, optimization of the shopping campaign, and also understand the practices in planning for the shopping advertising exam. 

  1. Analytics Course 

One of the most important Google courses for digital marketing is analytics course. This one helps you with the entire of the analytics course. From how it works to why it is important and what are the tools of it, this course is very important. It covers analytics academy, analytics study IQ guide, adwords and analytics, and Google Analytics smart goals. 

  1. Tools and the best practices course 

If you have to plan an advertising campaign for a brand on Google, you have to be extremely smart and creative. You have to come up with out of the box ideas. You have to understand the marketing scenario, your targeted audience, and also your strategies.

Google courses for Digital Marketing
Google courses for Digital Marketing

You have to investigate the latest trends, tools, and the keywords that are popular in the digital marketing age. This course will teach you about the Google planning tools, keyword planner, display planner, Google trends, the consumer barometer, and others. 


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