Google Certification Course List 2020

Google Certification Course List 2020

Google Certification Course List 2020 – Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing courses in the present generation and all thanks to the online businesses and ventures that are being started out.

It is one of the most important career choices these days that takes one to achieve higher success in terms of money and career growth too. If you are willing to learn Digital Marketing, then here are some of the Google Certification course list that you should check out. 

Google Certification Course List 2020

Google Certification Course List
Google Certification Course List 2020
  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing – Google Digital Unlocked Course

This one gives an overview of the entire digital marketing course with all the key concepts. It makes one familiar with the digital concepts out there. 

  1. Adwords Fundamental Course 

This course is focused on the Adwords category and helps the students know the essentials of the Adwords. It would help you with the entire fundamentals of Adwords. You will also learn about ads and ad extensions here. 

  1. Search Advertising Course

This course has all the modules that would provide the students with the details in search advertising optimization to get ready for its exams. 

4.Display Advertising Course

This course helps the individuals to understand what the different types of display ads are. Through this course, you would understand how a campaign can be run on YouTube, utilize the mobile apps and sites, and analyse the Gmail record. 

  1. Mobile Advertising Course

This is one of the fastest growing in the Google certification course list as it revolves around the smartphones and mobile advertising. It would also let you give the mobile advertising exam as well. 

  1. Video Advertising Course

Videos are performing at the best rates these days and this has also made the popularity of the video ads grow. This course helps you understand the significance of the videos, do a survey on how the video campaigns work and how they are better from the client’s perspective. 

  1. Shopping Advertising Course

The shopping advertising course would help you put your product images, cost, business name directly before the individuals hunting for what you put on Google. 

Google Certification Course List
Google Certification Course List 2020


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