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Google Blogger

Google Blogger is a free platform to publish blogs that can be accessed online from anywhere around the world.

In this technological world, we all have different information that we can publish online which is helpful for everyone in all niche like technical, non-technical, travel, cooking, & many more.

Google Blogger :

Google Blogger
Google Blogger

It is serviced by the google you can publish multiple blogs at the same time with the single account. It is purchased by the google in 2003. When we make a website there is a part of the sub domain. When we make a blog on blogger it is part of a sub domain of

You can also purchase a domain from the domain service provider so it becomes .com, .in, .xyz & many other options. A user can have up to 100 blogs per account. 

There are many other free options other than Google Blogger, But Google blogger is the best one.

Google Blogger
Google Blogger

The following features of Google Blogger are:

  1. Post Editing.
  2. Improved Image Handling.
  3. Raw HTML Conversion.
  4. Google Docs.
  5. New Templates.
  6. We can add a location via GPS.
  7. There is one of the great features post time-stamping at the printing or publication.
  8. It is the vertical re-sizing of the post editor.
  9. We can edit the link in many modes.
  10. There are many latest features that are accepted by blogger so it will help to rank easily on it.
  11.  We can go to stats for how many visitors for daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis.
  12.  We have earnings tab also.
  13. New Preview dialogue that shows posts in a width and font size.
  14. New toolbar with Google aesthetics, faster loading time, and “undo” and “redo” buttons.
  15. We also added the full justification button, a strike-through button, and an expanded colour palette.

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