Create a free website with Google

free website

Google has recently launched a website builder to create a free website with Google. The First towards the launch of a product is to create a website and for small businesses it is very expensive to create a website.

Hence to ease the process of the free websites from google will help small businesses to rank themselves at the search engines.

Free Website

To create a free website with google tool of Google My Business is free of cost. These domain names are free of cost, but you can also customise your domain name by purchasing it from Google Domains. If you don’t customise your domain name then you might have names which will be less memorable.

Positive Aspects of Google Websites

  • Google free website tools are free of cost
  • Easy to Customize Domain
  • Automatically gets updated
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to get Ads on these websites
  • Easy to operate from Mobile phones

Create a free website with Google

Disadvantages of Google websites

  • No Analytical Integration
  • Website layout for SEO ranking-
  • Cannot add alt text to images which
  • No ability to add meta descriptions  and custom page titles
  • It’s a one-page site, you cannot create additional pages
  • Cannot add an additional call to action buttons
  • Lacks the ability to add structured data markup.

These are the few loopholes in this Google free of cost Websites tools which need to be updated. Because these factors are directly responsible for the SEO ranking of the website. Along with Website ranking Alexa will be unable to rank your website due to the restriction of one – page website

Will google free website will work for the benefits of Small businesses?

The benefit of Google free website partially depends upon the category of business in which Small businessman are trading.

If the growth of a business depends upon the SEO ranking then Google free of cost website is not a suitable platform for them.

Instead of this they can use google which is more SEO friendly.

On the contrary, if you have less competition in the market/niche in the segment of your products then Google free website is suitable for them.

Create a free website with Google

Conclusion :

Google can still update the “ create a free website from google “

And make it more friendly towards SEO and SEM.


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