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Email Strategy

Labor Day is one of the most important mass holidays in the USA, which makes it the perfect time for some email Strategy or email marketing.

Adhering to all the rules of professional advertising, make certain not to overdo it as to not put people off, rather than intrigue them.

Email Strategy

“Intrigue” just might be the word, even more so when holidays are concerned. Instead of engaging in endless ramblings about the importance of a proper Labor Day campaign, why don’t we just review best practices and use our imagination?

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Be Yourself — Everyone Else Is Already Taken

Master Wilde usually got everything right, and this saying of his may well be applied to Labor Day email marketing. Allow us to clarify and be blunt at that: not every business sells favorite Labor Day items. According to stats, those would be school supplies (28 percent), clothes (22 percent), furniture (22 percent), electronics (18 percent) and mattresses (10 percent).

Commonly, shopping usually takes place at large big-box stores (32 percent), mass merchants (25 percent), retail stores (21 percent) and online (21 percent).

So, what do the businesses not offering any of the above-mentioned do? Skip on the holiday?

We don’t think so.

According to research, 44 percent of consumers spend the holiday with the family, 27 percent — outdoors, 24 percent — grilling out and 10 percent — partying.

These stats bring hope to businesses into less popular Labor Day items, because — let’s face it — everyone will find something fitting for a party and merrymaking. Are you selling kites? Great items for partying outdoors! 

Focusing Your Labor Day Campaign

As always, the key is in focusing, and it is easier than you may think. For one thing, Labor Day is closely associated with the end of summer (or the beginning of fall, whichever you prefer) and the back to school euphoria.

No doubt that you will see your business’ chance in that, for, even if you don’t deal in furniture, you certainly have SOMETHING that can be linked to one of those three occurrences. Food, drinks, firecrackers, spa coupons… you name it!

Now, the two most important sentiments to consider when it comes to Labor Day are patriotism and celebrating work. If you plaster some patriotic imagery or include a work-related theme to your message, you’ll capture the attention of the masses.

Don’t get us wrong — do not slack off. Do your homework properly and incorporate the ideas that accompany your offer in the best possible way.

Coupons, Discounts, Special Offers and Free Shipping

Labor Day offer comes with some expectations. The common ones are coupons, discounts, special offers and free shipping. If they come combined, even better.

This is also your chance to promote new products and remind the customer of some great deals they may have put out of their minds. Need we remind you of segmentation and targeting? Use all the insights at your disposal to come up with a personalized offer that will appeal to the sentiments mentioned above.

Back to School

Labor Day coincides with school time, so businesses selling anything slightly school related have a plethora of choices at their disposal.

I.e., The Children’s Place offered a number of items and even introduced some new ones on the occasion, using a one-size-fits-all subject line: “LAST DAY! Entire Store Up to 60 Percent Off + 50 Percent Off Back-to-School Styles + 25 Percent Off Savings Pass and Extra 40 Percent Off Clearance — Online Only!”

Email Strategy

Email Strategy
Email Strategy

Summer or Fall?

Pick your season and adjust the offer. Remind the customers on this very special Labor Day that summer cocktails will soon go out of fashion (at least until next year) and that they now come at great discounts. The same goes for spas, outings, barbecuing outdoors and similar.

If you have new items waiting for fall, advertise them on Labor Day. Pre-orders and special discounts are always welcome.

Timing Done Right

Contrary to popular belief, Labor Day offers do not have a universal timing; it all depends on the offer you’re advertising with Email Strategy. For example, tourist agencies may wish to promote their offers way in advance, and send a couple of reminders before Labor day.

Secret Escape is a good example of that approach:

Email Strategy
Email Strategy

Email Strategy – The business used a simple yet effective subject line “Labor Day plans yet?” and sent the offer on July 24th.

As for businesses selling the items and services popular around Labor Day, they practice sending a couple of emails immediately prior to the holiday and a couple of days AFTER it. The latter matters if we keep in mind that school is just around the corner and the seasons are about to change.

Some common recommendation would be to send the emails as follows:

1.      First one — a week before the Labor Day

2.      Second one — a couple of days ahead  of the Labor Day

3.      Third one — on Labor Day

4.      Fourth one — a day or two after the Labor Day

As you can see, no matter the industry your business is in, you’re bound to have something to offer for the Labor Day. Be creative, Email Strategy, research competition and compose eye-catching subject lines.

Hope in this article “Email Strategy” every thing is clear if you have any question then contact us right now.


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