What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing what is

Digital Marketing what is – Digital Marketing is marketing strategy to promote businesses online for brands awareness and business development, through the electronic devices or internet.

The channel you can use in social media marketing are:-

Digital Marketing what is

These channel or social media marketing help to connect with current as well as prospective customers. Digital Marketing is not minor concept as we see …it doesn’t limited upto the social media marketing. It is broad concept and includes:

#Search Engine Optimization
#Content Marketing
#Social Media Marketing
#Pay Per Click (PPC)
#Affiliate Marketing
#Native Marketing
#Marketing Automation
#E-mail Marketing
#Online Public Relations
#Inbound Marketing

Digital Marketing what is

Now a days Digital Marketing play a important role for the success of a organisation, because almost all work done by the organisation is through online or internet. According to the survey 2018 -19 :-

*Global internet user are – 4.1 billions .
*China is the first largest internet user country i.e 746.6 millions.

  • India is the Second largest internet users country i.e 391.2 millions .

Why use Digital Marketing …? or Importance of Digital Marketing..

Interaction with the targeting audiences:-
With Digital Marketing business can interact with their customers and engage them valuable points to understand their customers wishes.

What is Digital Marketing
What is Digital Marketing

Global Reach

With Digital Marketing, we can expand our business at the global level and targeting customers at the global.

Reduced cost of business

For people having small businesses, Digital Marketing proven to be better and cost effective than traditional marketing.

Build Brand Reputation

Digital Marketing techniques help the business to increase brand awareness among the customer through social networking and it create a unique identity of Brand among customers.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

With Digital Marketing business provide real time help and solutions to the customer its help to satisfied the customers and retain the old customers with the business.

Reach Mobile User

With Digital Marketing reach mobile user, we can get the Digital Marketing services through the mobile phone easily.

Revenue Generation or Better ROI ( Return on Investment )

With Digital Marketing techniques we can reduce the cost of the organisation and can save more.They can gain more customer without spending much. Its result in increase the sale, revenue & ROI .

What is Digital Marketing
What is Digital Marketing


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